Make Me Smile Monday by Melinda Curtis

Mondays can really suck. So why not take a moment and smile at some cuteness?

Let's start out with kittens...Here is Anna Adams' George (who showed a love of the keyboard at an early age) and our family kitten Dusty (bottom photo). I'm not really sure what it is about orange tabbies, but as a rule, I've found them to be very friendly and full of personality.

  • As an aside, I once met someone from the American Kennel Club organization who told me black labs are teddy bears, yellow labs are hard workers, and chocolate labs are mischief makers. Being in a family with all the lab colors represented, I agree that sometimes something more than color are passed along - be it cat, dog, or guinea pig.
How about some puppy love? Here are my son's puppies - Bonny and Nova. Both are Australian Shepherds - loyal, intelligent, and in need of something to keep them occupied all the time (there's a reason the breed was good for herding).

  • Another sidebar: I just heard of Australian Shepherd/Poodle mixes. Two highly intelligent breeds, but...why?

I love seeing big animals and small puppies getting along, don't you? Here is my niece's horse and her German Shepherd pup. The other picture is Bonny and her big protector Remington (a St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix). These two combinations of animals are just begging to be put in a book somewhere.

  • Whoops! I already featured two of these sweeties in my writing. Bonny has starred in two Heartwarming books - Summer Kisses, and Time for Love. And Rem has starred in 2 books - One Perfect Year (a Heartwarming) and Dog-Gone Christmas (Rem even made the cover on the latter book).
Which brings me to my latest love - Tally. She's half Yorkie/half Shitzu. Like every dog, she's not perfect (yes, she does chew Daddy's boxers if he doesn't make the hamper)...but I love her just the same.

Tally greets every box of books that arrives. She has a starring role in this book - A Memory Away. 

I hope I made you smile today. For more smiles, you can read two other sweet romantic comedies of mine for FREE: Married by Thanksgiving and A Kiss for the Cook. I'm also giving away a FREE companion cookbook to A Kiss for the Cook if you sign up for my mailing list. It features recipes Enzo and Claudia create together!

What's making you smile this Monday?

Melinda Curtis is an award-winning, USA Today bestseller. Her latest release is A Memory Away, a sweet romantic comedy featuring a pregnant woman who can't remember how she got pregnant and a little lost dog.


  1. You and your post mad e me smile, Melinda. Thank you!

    I'm reading One Perfect Year and I'm at the part where Shelby said she want to keep the St. Bernard. Oh, I hope he (the dog) gets his HEA!

    As you know we have two black Labs now, Harley and Logan. There's no question; they're teddy bears. Logan has a bit of chocolate in him. When the sun shines on him, you can see a slight brown tint to his coat. Now I know why he's a mischief maker!


  2. Tally has made me smile this Monday. Her pictures always make me chuckle. Seeing all of these animals were a great start to my Monday. And wow, your book A Memory Away sounds very interesting. I thought to myself can a story about a woman who doesn't know how she became pregnant be a romantic comedy? Yes, if Melinda Curtis writes it. ( :

  3. Definitely a good way to start the week!

  4. Melinda, thanks for the Monday smiles. My son has an Australian Shepherd - wonderful dog. Look forward to reading A Memory Away.

  5. Great way to start my Monday! I am a dog-lover for sure :) Just have to say that I love your A Kiss for the Cook story! We are so lucky to get that as a freebie.

  6. Aw...Tally is absolutely adorable, Melinda. She looks way to innocent to get into any mischief...just like Karen's dog, Zoey. :)

  7. Nice start to Monday. I'm trying to picture a St. Bernard/great Pyrenees mix. Need a lot of real estate for that dog. Happy Monday back at you.

  8. Sweet pets. My Australian shepherd/Australian blue heeler mix died last year and I haven't had the heart to get another dog. Really miss Monty. Have a good and productive Monday.

  9. Thanks for that Melinda Monday Smile! The morning is dark and wet here, so you were a much needed mood adjustment. Putting the tree up today, so that'll make me keep smiling. Hugs to everyone.

  10. Melinda, mission accomplished! You definitely made me smile. Something about Tally always makes me chuckle. Does he have a little under-bite? My dachshund, Lucky greets my books, too. Well, he is so "nosy" he has to thoroughly sniff everything and everyone who comes through the door. Thank you for making my day!

  11. Awwww, who could help but smile at all the furry cuteness. My yellow lab must have thought she was black, because she would only play fetch for about five minutes, but she would cuddle for hours. Very sweet dog, but not as photogenic as Tally. What a cutie.

  12. Melinda, your pet family was JUST what I needed to make me smile this morning. Like Muriel, our weather here is so disgustingly ugly. Grey. Fog. Gloom. Bummer weather. BUT at least I don't have to shovel snow. A blessing. I LOVE your new cover and can't wait to read it. What a fun premise...though I'm glad that didn't happen to me! Have a blessed day.

  13. No better way to start a Monday with all these faces! Thank you!!! <3

  14. Oh, oh, oh, I've a 12 week old shepherd husky mix. What a love and what a terror. I just cleaned up something suspicious and discovered she'd eaten a sock and then regurgitated LOL
    She's keeping me on my toes and will appear in a book very soon.

    1. Congratulations, Pam! Is her name still under discussion?

  15. I love your post that I read on Tuesday...guess you can tell Monday was busy. Thank you for the sweet photos!


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