What You Can and Cannot Find in an Antique Shop

Pamela Tracy here.

Last Wednesday I took day off and went shopping with some girlfriends.  It's probably, due to me over-extending myself, the first time I've antiqued in over a  year.  Boy have I missed it.

First, for your viewing pleasure...


I call this the ugly.  This is just not what I'd give a daughter for her tenth birthday.
I do believe Ronnie would feel the same way.
Nancy looks great for her age, don't cha think?

This is the bad.  I'm a huge Star Trek fan.
Barbie could not make it in such a limited space.
Ken would get lost.

This almost tempted me,
but with Christmas just behind me and taxes before me...
a typewriter I don't need could not be purchased.
But, oh, I wanted it.

We went sledding a few weeks ago in Williams, Arizona.
Broke every plastic sled.
I'm thinking that not all toys have improved.
I didn't buy this either.
It cost more than the typewrite I really wanted.

This is Judy from Just Judy's Jumbles.
Avid Reader, Awesome Reviewer

She's at a Walmart in Peoria, Arizona, and LOOK
Harlequin Heartwarmings are also there!

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January 14th: Bookworm Lisa - Tara Taylor Quinn
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  1. My son found a typewriter like that for me--it took all I had to tell him no, I didn't want it. Downsize, downsize, downsize...

    1. I know, I know, but I still have all my elementary Valentine cards. I need to go back at get it, don't cha think?

  2. The paper dolls are hilarious, Pamela! They look like they're ready for a bodybuilding competition. :)

    1. I almost fell over when I saw them. That's when I whipped out the camera. Brand new cell phone. I'll tell that story next time. It involved losing phone, phone getting run over my not just one quad...

  3. Pam, what fun. I had one of the baby blue Royal typewriters and so wish I hadn't put it in Goodwill a long time ago. I remember the old Underwood upright typewriters, but the one you found looks even more antique. Sorry your sleds all broke. But the old ones with runners don't work in all kinds of snow, so maybe better left on the wall. When I worked at the hospital in Portland, OR, we used to uh--borrow the big metal trays from the cafeteria to slide down Sam Jackson Hill. The interns used to ski to work in the winter. It was such fun. There would always be an announcement asking for the metal trays to be returned--and some were, scratched and dented. Fun times.

    1. Hmmm, I'm a college professor and back at work. We have a cafeteria. Maybe I should slink over...

  4. Oh that typewriter is so cool, but would be simply another thing I would neglect to dust in my house! And those paper dolls are HILARIOUS. I can't believe they made something like that. I had no idea antiquing could be so fun. Now I want to go hunting :)

  5. Awesome and enjoyable post! Love that antique typewriter, because it reminds me of my old Oliver (circa 1900)! Hope your week is terrific, Pamela!

  6. Great, Pam! I think Ronnie and Nancy are cute. (and I'm a Democrat!) I love the old sled. Always sent my sister a sled ornament for Christmas to remind her that she once took me shopping with her by pulling me on our sled. (She was 9 years older. I was five, so she was 14.) She was running across our main street downtown and tipped me over. I was so overdressed - like Ralphie's little brother in The Christmas Story - that I couldn't get up. Cars were honking, so she left me. Then she thought better of it and came back. Don't you love redemption stories?

    1. Oh, my gosh, she LEFT you? That is so funny...I mean, since it turned out well, it is.

    2. LOL, you need to put your sister in a book.

    3. She's the one who became a nun. Only God know what He has to work with.

  7. Why would you ever want that typewriter?

  8. Thanks for a glimpse of antique shopping.

    I'm still on the hunt for Heartwarming books at WalMart. Spoke with manager who still hasn't called me back, and Harlequin customer service agent was not aware that they are available in select WalMart stores. I'm going to keep trying though. ( :

  9. Pam, we have a lot of antique stores around us and I love going to them. I have a couple of old typewriters too, just bc they're a piece of history and cool :). I want the Star Trek figurines!

  10. Oh and I love Judy's Walmart pic too!


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