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Today, we are celebrating the January release of Mending the Doctor’s Heart, Sophia’s third book with Harlequin Heartwarming.

Sophia, what inspired this book?
I love beautiful islands. So when I had the chance to go to Guam--a little dot in the great Pacific ocean---I was thrilled. But when I was there, I gained a new appreciation for just what it means to live on a remote island. While it may be romantic, there are real life challenges; like limited access to medical care, storms that make Hurricane Katrina look weak, and maintaining the local culture. It’s been a decade since my visit and the people and culture of Guam has nagged at my heart. Writing Anna and Nico’s story was one way to share the amazing island of Guam. I have another blog post that details my visit to Guam. 

And speaking of Guam, for a piece of Guam in your kitchen try Buñelos Aga --banana donuts. Get the recipe here.

What is your favorite scene in the book?
For this book, it’s hard to say. There are a couple of scenes that make me cry no matter how many times I’ve edited them. These are my true favorites but they are spoilers so I’ll give you a scene that gives you a flavor of the story.

ANNA ran toward the tractor. The giant tree that blocked the roadway lay there, dark and ominous. Branches and limbs tore at her bare arms as she scrambled over the trunk. The thin cloth of her scrub pants tore as she made her way over the top. She barely felt the sting of the scrapes on her knees. Still blinded from the glare of the headlights, all she could see were shapes of people milling about. She scooted her way down a branch; it was too high to jump down. A shadowy figure approached at a run.

She used her hands to propel her body downward a little faster, ignoring the protests of her damaged skin. Just as she got close enough to jump the rest of the way, a pair of powerful hands grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down, slamming her into a hard chest. The smell of Irish Spring soap and sweat filled her nose, a scent as familiar to her as her own perfume. He held on to her even after she had a firm footing on the concrete.

“Anna!” His heart thudded against her chest. She collapsed against him, relief flooding through her like someone had hit the release valve on a pressure cooker about to blow. He was alive. His strong arms held up her boneless body. Drawing her close, he rubbed his cheek against her head and her heart flooded with warmth.

“Oh God, Anna, it’s really you.” His voice was husky, and he pulled her even closer. The feel of his body against hers, so familiar and yet so distant, tugged her back into reality.

She pushed away, the words out of her mouth before she raised her face to look at him. “Nico!”

He stared down at her. His height had always been the talk of the island, a trait no doubt inherited from his white father.

Their eyes locked, her blue-gray ones pinned to his soft brown.

“You came back?” His voice was low, the words a little broken.
Something burned through her. Her legs weakened, threatening to buckle underneath her. She stepped back, out of his reach. “I had to come for my job.”

Any giveaways or promotions that readers can take advantage of?
Always. The promotions page of my website usually has something being given away. Right now it’s a free ebook of Then Comes Love and I have a goodreads giveaway (see below) going on until January 31. The best way to get notified of those is to Follow me on Goodreads and Follow me on Amazon.  I also try to promote any giveaways on Twitter and my Facebook page.
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Mending the Doctor's Heart

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What's Next?
One of the secondary characters from both Mending the Doctor's Heart and The Senator's Daughter has been begging for his own story. It's time for Lieutenant Luke Williams to finally find love. But, what he can't do is fall for a soldier in his command.  Sergeant Alessa Parrino can't afford another scandal, not if she wants to keep the only life she's ever known. The Sergeant's Temptation will be coming out in August 2017 from Harlequin Heartwarming.

Thank you so much for sitting down with Sophia today! Feel free to ask her any questions about Guam, her books or comment on what you love/hate about islands.

About Sophia Sasson:

Sophia puts her childhood habit of daydreaming to good use by writing stories she hopes will give you hope, make you laugh, cry, and possibly snort tea from your nose. She was born in Bombay, India, and has lived in the Canary Islands, Spain; Toronto, Canada. Currently she calls the madness of Washington DC home. She’s the author of the Welcome to Bellhaven and State of the Union series. She loves to read, travel to exotic locations in the name of research, bake, explore water sports, watch foreign movies. Hearing from readers makes her day. Contact her through 


  1. I love the excerpt, Sophia. Thank you for sharing it.

    Congratulations and best wishes for the release of Mending the Doctor's Heart!

  2. This sounds intriguing, Sophia. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sophia, I have loved all of your books and can't recommend this one enough. Loved the setting and the characters.

  4. Loved the story. You really made Guam come alive. My sister visited once, years ago, and I was amazed at how isolated it is.

  5. Very grabby excerpt, Sophia. Congratulations! Only islands I've ever visited were Oahu and Hawaii on our honeymoon, so probably not serious cultural island living, but I loved the beauty, the people, and the food! Nothing else has ever made me feel as small as standing on the Pali and seeing how small my space really was, and how vast the ocean.

  6. Congratulations on your latest release, Sophia. With temperature in the 20's earlier this morning, Guam is looking pretty wonderful right now. I loved the excerpt!


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