Onwards and Upwards


By Eleanor Jones
    Hi Everyone. Firstly I'd like to apologise in advance for my lack of expertise in doing a blog; I stand in awe of all you other Heartwarming authors who do such wonderful posts. 
     I could blame my age I guess but I suppose that's no excuse, anyone can learn.
     Anyway, I wanted to blog about life. We all go through trauma, heartache and all kinds of worry like losing a loved one or learning to cope with illness and pain. I certainly have
     It would be good if someone could write an article about how to cope when times are tough. That way we might know how to deal with it all. Unfortunately though no two experiences are ever the same.
       I guess we just have to hang onto the beautiful things in life, the happiness and joy. It doesn't have to be much, sunshine bursting through the cloud, the smile of a child, anything in fact that brings you joy. For me it's   


  1. This is so true. I recently lost my older sister. In three years, I've lost three siblings, two of them within five months of each other. Coping is just going through one day at a time.

    1. So sorry to hear you lost siblings. I don't know from experience, but from what others say, it sounds like it brings its own particular kind of grief.

  2. Sometimes we have to admit, even to ourselves, the importance of the losses we have. I've tended to minimize at times and it only hurts in the long run. I think I'm finally learning that...it's about time. Thanks for your post.

  3. I like what Virginia said, admitting to the importance of our losses. I think sometimes we work so hard to "get over it," we don't allow time to grieve.

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, even though my blog was half finished. I guess everyone has to go through loss as they get older but it never gets any easier. We just have to take comfort from the joy and beauty that is all around us... and the love. xxx

  5. I am very sorry that you have experienced losses, Eleanor, but thank you for sharing the pictures in your subsequent post, because they put a smile on my face!

  6. You're right, Eleanor, when you,say no two experiences are the same . There's no time limit on grieving and we do just have to,go,on as best we can. Your photos show your love for the things in life that matter most. Thanks for these thoughts today.

  7. As I've gotten older, it seems more difficult to accept losing a loved one. When I stop and think about something happening to one of my parents, I can't breathe. Treasuring every day we have with our loved ones should be our number one priority. Thank you for your honesty, Eleanor. I enjoyed the beautiful photos.

  8. I love your photos - everything is so green. Puppies and children are guaranteed joy-makers. I'm sorry for your losses, but glad you still find joy.

  9. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I am so proud to be in the Heartwarming authors team x


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