Lover of Seasons by Amie Denman

Is it because I'm from the Midwest where the seasons are pronounced and dramatic? Maybe. I've always been crazy about seasons and holidays, and I organize my life around them. Here are the things I love about living in a climate (Ohio) where it can get up to 100 in the summer and down to WAY below zero in the winter.

1. A massive and diverse wardrobe. I have everything from bathing suits to full sets of thermal underwear.

2. A logical reason for gaining and losing 5-10 pounds several times a year--it depends on the weather, right?

3. Color change. I looked at my hydrangeas yesterday and told my sons it MUST be practically fall based on their hue. I'm waiting for this one particular tree on my street that always changes first. It's a show-off, but I love it.

4. Varied activities: In the winter, I love to ice skate, play in the snow, and sometimes even shovel snow. In the spring, yard work and gardening is delicious. Summer is worth waiting for with paddle boarding, swimming, and kayaking. And fall--everything is good in the fall, even raking leaves.

5. Catalogs. Is there anything better on earth than getting the Fall catalog from L.L. Bean this time of year? The boots and sweaters...swoon.

6. Holidays. Every season has good ones, and I love decorating, shopping, and planning for them all. There IS a cookie for every season.

7. Change itself. I'm one of those people who repaints rooms in the house on a whim, moves furniture, and trades in cars pretty often (ahem...this afternoon). I love change.

8. Saved the best for last here...BOOKS!! Are you starting to notice the new books coming out with Fall or Christmas themes? Yes! Light the fire, take off your fabulous boots, eat some seasonal delights, and indulge in a Thanksgiving story or a Christmas novel.

Here's a quick look at my October Harlequin Heartwarming that takes place in summer (my favorite). It's book 4 in my Starlight Point Stories series.

She won't stop until she finds the truth

Caroline Bennett is not looking for a summer romance. As a police officer at Starlight Point amusement park, she's got more important things to worry about, like solving a cold case involving a girl's mysterious death thirty years ago. Construction engineer Matt Dunbar is one of the few people who'll talk about the incident, but even he's not eager to dig up the past.

Matt's working on a new state-of-the-art roller coaster—a project that could make or break his career—yet he still finds time for Caroline. As the end of summer approaches, her investigation implicates Matt's company, and she has to choose: justice or the funny, charming man she's falling for.

I'm currently finishing edits on the 5th and final book in the series which will be called Back to the Lake Breeze Hotel. Even though Starlight Point is a summer amusement park, the owners decide to keep it open for fall weekends and a Christmas festival. It may be summer right now, but in my heart I'm ice skating, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying the scent of evergreens at Starlight Point.

I hope the summer season is treating you kindly, wherever you are, and you always have something great to look forward to in the next season.

What's your favorite thing about the change of seasons?


  1. Amie, your energy and enthusiasm comes through clearly in this post! I enjoy the seasons, too. If pushed, I would say that winter is my least favorite, because I not a big fan of bone-chilling cold. Aside from the cold, I love how pretty our valley looks, blanketed in white and how much fun our pups have frolicking in the snow.

    I love the cover of UNTIL THE RIDE STOPS and look forward to sharing a release month with you.

  2. It sounds like you get the most out of every season, Amie! I too like that anticipation at the end of one season as it segues into the next and I love some of your seasonal sign-posts like the L.L. Bean catalogue for fall. Many years ago I lived in Australia for a year and really couldn't muster the same appreciation for the two seasons we had there - the wet and the dry! Now I guess you' might already be looking forward to that catalogue, since it's almost mid-August?

  3. I'm right there with you (Indiana), and I'd kind of forgotten some of those reasons for it. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Amie, I swear you have the best cover karma on earth! I love this October cover as much as the others. YUM!
    I, too, love the season changes and after nearly 40 years away from the Midwest, I forgot how spectacular the beauty of each season can be. I dread the dead of winter where I am because it is so grey and grey and grey and depressing. They don't make enough of those "SAD" lights to illuminate my office.
    Thanks for a great post. I'll never look at an LL Bean catalogue in quite the same way.

    1. Oh....I forgot to comment on the LL Bean catalogue. It's the one catalogue I love because they have the best dog beds! :)

  5. Your cover is gorgeous, Amie! Years ago, I tried living in Florida, but like you, I love the change of seasons. After sweltering during the summer months with oppressive humidity, I welcome the cool and crisp mornings of autumn.

  6. Change of seasons brings a feeling of excitement, of anticipation. Great topic for your book. Unique!

  7. Spring and fall are spectacular here in TN, but this summer has been so rainy! Usually the days are bright and sunny then. I grew up in Ohio and remember those frigid arctic winters. Brrr. Love Christmas catalogs, though. All the best for your new book! Sounds wonderful.

  8. Amie, Fantastic post! Summer is by far my favorite season. (I love all things outdoors.) It seems that most people I know love fall. But when fall sets in I start to get anxious because I know winter is right around the corner. If I didn't have skiing to look forward to I don't know how I'd manage. But your enthusiasm is contagious!

  9. Oh, you've got a mystery in your book. I love mysteries. Combine that with an amusement park and you've got me hooked.
    I'm in AZ. I call it "The land of wearing shorts all year round"
    But, we go camping up north and I get to wear winter clothes there. Um, three times a year. If I'm lucky.

  10. Here in Alberta, I hear you loud and clear about the seasons, Amie! You drew a big smile from me with #2. Spring is the EEK! season where we race (literally) to shed those pounds so we can fit into our summer clothes again. And Catherine, I lived on the West Coast for a decade and, you're right, those winters were so grey and drippy!

  11. The next book sounds so good. Can't wait. I love the different seasons, too. When I was growing up in West Texas, fall was my favorite, but in Alaska it's summer. We cheat a bit now, and spend some of the darkest days of winter in high country Arizona, where it might snow but the sun will shine soon after.

  12. I always loved the seasons too. We don't get them as much here in AZ. Not snowy winters. Looking forward to your next book.

  13. Seasons??? What's that? We have 2. Hot and hotter. LOL. Although we only live a few hours from the mountains, so we do go up there often to enjoy fall and winter. I really miss seasons. :(


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