The After Christmas Blahs

            Okay, I admit it. I have the after Christmas blahs. But don’t we all? The anticipation of the big day is wonderful. The actual event is terrific. And then, like a tumbling tower of little kids’ blocks, it’s all over, leaving the blahs behind.
            What to do in the first few days after Christmas…shopping? Ah, I don’t think so. I love to shop but spending more money now doesn’t seem like the thing to do. Go out for dinner? Better than cooking for sure, but with the calories I packed on, hitting the Cheese Cake Factory doesn’t seem like a wise decision. Watch tv? Can’t do it. The Game Show Network has continuous Family Feud. I like Steve Harvey but enough already. And all the good love story movies have been played and re-played.
            So today I did what any good post-Christmas sufferer does, I took a nap! A wonderful, long two hour nap with my sweet new rescue dog, Willie, curled up beside me. Willie doesn’t judge my expanding fruit cake middle. He doesn’t complain that his gifts weren’t what he wanted. He just makes me feel appreciated. And maybe that’s all any of us need, to feel appreciated. As moms, hate to leave dads out, but mostly moms, we step up to the plate and swing for the fences with gifts, meals, and overall good cheer.
            Is it worth it? Of course it is. A smile, a giggle, a hoot and holler, the occasional thank you is what we need to remember the holidays with fondness and satisfaction.
            Thankfully I have a super way of getting rid of the after Christmas blahs. I have my new release – HIGH COUNTRY COP, the first of a trilogy called “The Cahills of North Carolina” coming out in Feb. This is Carter’s story. I hope you like it. And I hope you’ll follow all the Cahills of the High Country as they find love in the Carolina mountains.
Merry After Christmas, everyone.

February release



  1. We've all felt'em, haven't we? Hope yours are better today. We're still Christmasing it with family, so it's really not over yet. Anxious to read about the Cahills!

  2. Willie looks like the perfect pup to curl up with, Cynthia! Snuggable! And you’re right about the day after the Day After....not quite ready to get back into the old routine and had it with big meals. I’m giving myself to New Years Day, though, to get rid of the chocolate. :). Your new series sounds great and love the cover! Congratulations!

  3. Willie sounds like an ideal family member. Looking forward to your release--I called Asheville, NC, home for eight years. Every terrain in the state from the Outer Banks to the mountains has something wonderful to see.

    1. I agree Virginia. I love the mountains most of all but the entire state is beautiful.

  4. Willie is so sweet. I'm looking forward to starting the Cahills. I received some books for Christmas, so the let-down hasn't hit yet.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Awwww, Willie!! Every year, I have a party for some of my friends in early January. This turns out to be more Christmassy for us, so...we get to extend our holiday! Especially since I don't like to take my tree down until February 1st .

  6. Cynthia, I’m a Willie fan already! And that long winter’s nap is exactly the way to chase the blahs! I still have New Year’s Eve dinner to cook and trudge through the snow to my shed and haul out the hats and horns I mistakenly packed away with the empty Christmas boxes. I look forward to sitting close to the fire and reading your new book! Januaois the best month for reading!!

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