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The Doctor’s Recovery is the next book in my City by the Bay series. The Doctor’s Recovery is a sweet contemporary romance that brings together daredevil documentary filmmaker, Mia Fiore and ER doctor, Wyatt Reid. Two years ago, Wyatt and Mia shared an unforgettable goodbye kiss. Now a scuba diving accident has brought Mia into Wyatt’s San Francisco ER. Now Wyatt and Mia have second chance at a real relationship, but only if they can open themselves up to love and discover that they just might be stronger and better together.

I believe that the medical profession is a special calling and I’m in awe of those who answer that call so willingly and with such passion. I’m blessed to know nurses and doctors who are both family and dear friends. I was thrilled to write a story that involved the intricate medical world with characters who find love and success in every part of their lives.

One of my favorite scenes in The Doctor’s Recovery involves one of my favorite characters from The Charm Offensive: ten-year old Ella Callahan and Ella’s best friend, Ben Sawyer, who will appear in my November release, Ava’s Prize. Here’s an excerpt:

Mia tipped her head toward the door, and delight spiraled through her stomach, making her smile fill her from the inside out. Wyatt stood inside her room as if she’d wished him there. A young girl and boy anchored him on each side, and all wore matching grins as if they’d raided the dessert bar in the cafeteria and escaped undetected. She would’ve joined them if they’d only asked. And that was proof of just how restorative last night’s sleep had been. She’d never done silly things as a child, but the trio in her doorway tempted her now.
“Mia, I’d like to introduce you to my friends.” Wyatt’s mouth seemed to be late in catching up with the smile flaring from inside him. Happiness surged through his cool gaze. His movements were relaxed and easy. Clearly Mia and he needed to watch more marathon sessions of Ruined and Renewed, as Wyatt looked as refreshed as Mia felt. Wyatt shifted, allowing the blonde curly-haired girl gripping his elbow with one hand and a white cane in her other to move into the room. “This is Ella Callahan.”
“My mom brings the therapy dogs to visit everyone here.”
Ella folded her cane and pushed her lavender glasses up on her nose. “I’m too young to get a guide dog, but Mom promised me when I turn sixteen, we can apply. But Mom says she’ll be a working dog, so she can’t come visit sick people.”
Mia took a deep breath for Ella. The precious little girl spoke fast, as if she was in the final round of a timed debate. “Nice to meet you, Ella. The therapy dogs are wonderful, but something tells me I’m going to enjoy this surprise visit even more.”
Ella grinned and tugged her purple sweatshirt stamped with the words Power to the Dreamer down over her bold-striped leggings.
Wyatt set his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “This is Ben Sawyer.”
Not releasing his hold on the stack of board games in his arms, Ben jerked his head and flicked his copper bangs off his forehead, revealing deep green eyes. “My dad drives the ambulance here.”
Wyatt guided the pair toward Mia’s bedside. “Guys, this is my friend Mia Fiore. She’s the one I was telling you about who makes films.”
“Cool.” Ben shifted his weight and leaned forward, his gaze fixed on Mia’s open wound. “What happened to your leg?” Fascination, not horror, widened the boy’s eyes, as if he happily imagined every sort of grotesque reason for her cut.
“I was in a diving accident,” Mia said.
“Did a shark bite you?” That wonder spilled into Ben’s breathless voice.
“Not exactly. I cut myself with a dive knife.” Ben’s shoulders drooped, and his long sigh filled the room, making Mia want to take back the truth and confess she’d fought off a great white shark.
“Amelia got cut with a knife, too.” Ella leaned into Wyatt. “Except Dr. Wyatt says the doctor had to cut her. Amelia’s appendix made her sick. Ben and I have stayed in hospitals because my eyes don’t work like they’re supposed to and neither does Ben’s pancreas. So we came to visit Amelia.”
“And Dad wanted my port checked, even though Aunty Ava told him the port was fine.” Ben shook his head and adjusted the board games in his arms.
“Ms. Ava would know. She was in the war.” Ella tipped her chin down as if daring anyone to argue with her statement. “And she rides in the ambulance with Ben’s dad.”
“Dr. Wyatt told us Aunty Ava saved you on the dock.” Ben eyed Mia.
The children’s adoration of Ava was more than clear. Mia admitted she wanted to meet the real-world superwoman who captured this pair’s love and support. “I need to meet your aunt, so I can thank her.”
“I get to call her Aunty Ava even though we don’t share blood or anything like that.” Pride made Ben’s thin shoulders straighten. “But Dad says you don’t have to have the same blood to be family.”
“My dad is like your aunty Ava,” Ella said. “We don’t share blood either, but he’s my real dad. Dr. Wyatt, do you have family that isn’t family like us?”
Wyatt wrapped an arm around each child and pulled them close into his sides. His gaze locked on Mia, causing her to feel more than happiness at his visit.
He made her want to change her perspective. He made her want...
Wyatt added, “I’m starting to think it’s time that I expand my family.”
Right now, Mia wanted to wrap the trio in her embrace, hold on tight and demand that they tell her what it would take for her to reach Aunty status. “What are you three up to?” And can I join in? Please.

If you want to know what this adorable trio is up to, you’ll have to check out The Doctor’s Recovery.

Thanks for joining me today! If you know someone in the medical field, give them a hug today and tell them thanks for all they do.

Happy Reading!
Cari Lynn Webb

THE CHARM OFFENSIVE (City by The Bay Series)

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  1. Your book is on my TBR stack and I can't wait to get to it. Don't seem to find as much reading time lately. But your post has made me think I need to start staying up later.

    1. Thanks, Roz! I stayed up too late last night reading so I can relate :)

  2. Can't wait to read it. They do sound adorable.

  3. I love that scene. Congratulations on this exciting new release.

  4. Congratulations Carli, can't wait to read it.

  5. My sister-in-law recently retired as an emergency nurse, though she still pulls relief shifts. Her typical days put my flusters and complaints in perspective. Congrats on your release, Cari!

  6. My sister is a nurse. I agree with M.K. assessment about it putting my flusters and complaints in perspective. Sounds like a great book.

  7. I LOVE this book!! <3 Congrats on the new release, my friend. So happy to witness your success.


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