Sit-down Saturday with Virginia McCullough

It’s another Sit-down Saturday! Today we’re celebrating Virginia McCullough’s May release, Love, Unexpected, Book 3, and the final book in her Two Moon Bay series. 

Are you sorry to see the Two Moon Baby series end? 

VIRGINIA: Oh, of course! I’m going to miss Andi and Zeke, along with Brooke, Andi’s daughter, a “horse girl,” and Art, Zeke’s dad, who’s dealing with the aftermath of a brain injury. I’ll also miss Two Moon Bay’s waterfront and the town itself. I feel a little said, like I did as a young girl when the “Little House” series came to an end. 

Truthfully, I didn’t start out to write a series. Book 1, Girl in the Spotlight came to me as a full story by itself. Only after I began writing did I realize other people absolutely had to have their own stories. This has happened to me before, and I end up thinking, “Life goes on! What happens next?”  

How do you decide who needs a story? 

These people we so lightly call characters tell me, more or less. In this case, the stories started with the women—Lark in “Girl” has a great friend, Dawn, a single mom, upbeat and positive, despite the fact her husband left her for someone else. Naturally, she needed a happy ending—she has dreams of her own and deserves to have them come true. In Something to Treasure, Dawn finds Jerrod, a man who deserves a woman like Dawn.

Way back, I realized that Book 3 would be Andi Sterling’s story. She’s Miles’ Jenkins former wife, and the two can be proud of the way they share their daughter, Brooke. Andi has been punishing herself—way too long—for some past mistakes, and it’s time for her to be as kind to herself as she is to other people. 

Zeke has promised himself he’ll always take care of his dad the same way Art took care of him after Zeke’s mom died. But maybe he doesn’t need to sacrifice so much. 

What brings Andi and Zeke together?

A dilapidated motor yacht with the lovely name “Drifting Dreamer” is the catalyst for bringing Andi and Zeke together in their quest to restore the boat and make it a classic beauty once again. In the process they come to a deeper understanding of what can be restored, but equally important, what can’t. 

Does Love, Unexpected pass on a few tidbits about what other characters have been up to lately? 

A blogger on my recent Prism book tour mentioned she enjoyed seeing the characters come together at times in the book, some more prominently than others. But, as I said, “Life goes on…” and our readers want to be in on developments in the characters’ lives. Isn’t that the fun of writing—and reading—a series?  

Any plans to visit another town and group of friends?

Well…I don’t want to say too much, but a group of old friends who’ve lost touch find themselves coming back to Bluestone River, a small town in central Illinois. It’s a lovely place, with a landmark covered bridge and a peaceful lake and bird sanctuary. It’s also seen much better days and needs some fresh ideas to bring the town to life again. The old friends might be the ones to get the revival going.  

Sounds good! Meanwhile, all the best with Love, Unexpected.

Moving to a new place isn’t easy…Until a neglected ship and its owner make her feel at home

After spying a boat in need of some TLC, single mom Andi Sterling strikes a deal with its owner, Zeke Donovan, who shares her passion for restoring old things. Uncovering the legendary ship’s secrets draws them closer. Is it too soon for Andi to open her heart to the chance to build new dreams?

A writer all her adult life, Virginia’s novels tell the stories of women and men—and some kids of all ages—who could be our neighbors and friends struggling with everyday life issues.  Virginia started her career writing articles and then moved on to ghostwriting and coauthoring books. She built ghostwriting-editing business in many locations, including the coast of Maine, the mountains in North Carolina, and busy city neighborhoods in Chicago. She currently lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin and hangs out with other romance 
Virginia’s other award-winning romance and women’s fiction titles include THE JACKS OF HER HEART, ISLAND HEALING, THE CHAPELS ON THE HILL, AMBER LIGHT, and GRETA’S GRACE. She also enjoys writing about writing and produced a handbook, WRITE YOUR BOOK NOW, with her colleague, Lynda McDaniel. 


  1. Will you be writing any new stories for Heartwarming?

    1. I hope so--I'd like to bring Bluestone River to life in Heartwarming books. We'll see!

  2. Have a great holiday weekend. Coming to the end of a series is as hard for readers as for the author. The setting begins to feel like home. Glad you have a new place to visit.

  3. There are some characters, both that I've written and that I've read, that I hate to leave at the end of a story or series. I've sometimes wished I could get a Christmas card letting me know what's going on in their lives since we were last together. Or in Andi's and Zeke's case, postcards about their adventures on the yacht.

    The new series sounds intriguing. Can't wait.

    1. Thanks, Beth. My friends tease me about my characters being off living their lives. I wonder how they're doing. Maybe I should send myself updates in holidays cards from them. Sh...don't tell anyone. People already think I'm a bit on the eccentric side! Oh, well.

  4. Happy Holiday, Virginia! As a writer---you never know when you might go back to that series. It's amazing how these things happen. I'm looking forward to Bluestone River. I love the covered bridge and bird sanctuary!

    1. Thanks--It feels like I already live in Bluestone River, but you're right about Two Moon Bay. Something could take me back there. I'm open. You have a good weekend, too.

  5. I'm a huge fan of series, both writing and reading them. Once I get to know characters I like, I don't want to let them go after the final chapter. :)

  6. Well, I sure understand. I feel that way about single non-series books, too, though. The characters are just as real.

  7. There's some newsletter content right there: postcards from previous characters!


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