Sit down Saturday with Amie Denman

Today we’re celebrating the July release of In Love with the Firefighter.

So, Amie Denman, where did you get the idea for this novel?

I’ve always been enamored of firefighters (and police officers, and members of the Coast Guard…I must write a Coast Guard book one of these days…), so I was happy that Heartwarming was looking for stories about heroes with active and exciting jobs. My other heroes in the Starlight Point series had great jobs such as amusement park owner, maintenance man, roller coaster builder, photographer, and, yes, one firefighter. But I decided to focus on the fire service for this first book in the Cape Pursuit Firefighters series. My hero Kevin is a career firefighter as part of a family tradition. However, he falls for Nicole on the first day she comes to Cape Pursuit, Virginia. Still reeling from her brother’s death heroically fighting wildfires, she’s not willing to give her heart to a firefighter.

In looking at the cover, if you could add a caption or captions, what would they say?

Oh my goodness, do I love that cover! I remember the moment I first saw a draft of it in my email. The kitten! Yay! I love cats, and I had to write in a scene where Kevin (sort of) rescues a cat and shelters it inside his turnout coat.

What is your favorite scene?

Because I love amusement parks, my favorite scene is when Nicole goes along with Kevin and his two young nieces for a day at a local theme park. They get caught in a storm and take shelter inside a women’s bathroom. It’s a great way to show Kevin’s protective nature and also Nicole’s incredible resilience. Although the storm is serious, the scene itself is funny. I love humor as much as I love romance!

Who was your favorite character and why?

Nicole. I love how she slowly overcomes her own fears and opens her heart to love. Women are amazing at healing themselves and others and being brave enough to take second chances. Kevin is a brave and heroic firefighter, but Nicole is truly the hero of this book.

This is your 24th book. Exactly what does that mean to you?

It means I’m humbled, thrilled, and grateful to get to do what I love. I actually just released a new book yesterday which is my 25th book and an amazing milestone. Seven of my books have been with Harlequin, and working with the editors at Harlequin has made me a much better writer.

What are you reading for pleasure right now?

I’m reading Danielle Steel’s book Magic. I love her big, sweeping, emotional books! She was one of the first romance authors I read back when I was a pre-teen and discovered the thrill of reading romance. I still love her!

Just for fun, here is the UK cover of the paperback version sold there. I love it!


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful story--and I'm with you about humor. Can't have romance without a few laughs. Your heroine sounds intriguing and with much to overcome, but the rewards are worth the struggle. Congratulations and all the best with your new release!

  2. Congratulations on 25 books! My goodness, you must be tired, huh? This one looks so good. I've loved all your Starlight series. Have a super weekend!

  3. Congratulations on the 25 books. Firefighters are some serious heroes in the world and I'm humbled to have some in my family. I thought your cover was wonderful!

  4. I love that cover, too! Congratulations on the 25th book. You go!

  5. Congratulations on your 25th book, Amie! What a fabulous accomplishment. And it looks great!


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