Songs of the Sea by Eleanor Jones

The Beautiful Sea

    Hi Everyone, I haven’t blogged for some time but I do read and appreciate all your wonderful and truly inspiring posts, truth is my computer skills are pretty useless. Thank you so much Pamela for helping me out with this.

    What I really want to do is share with you my love of the sea. It timeless rhythm is changeless, the rush of the waves up the shore like music to the ears… until it roars. Then it can become wild and dangerous and terrifyingly powerful, a force that even mankind can’t control. And yet, even at its most ferocious still it has an awesome beauty.

     My love of the sea comes from my late mother, who I miss every day and as a child I can remember how she would jump straight in and swim no matter what the weather or how rough the waves. In Northern England, where I live, we are fairly close to the coast where there are many small fishing villages in beautiful bays.   

    My new book, A Home for Her Baby, which is the third in my Songs of the Sea series, comes out this month. It is based in a little fishing village in England and begins with a fearful storm and a tragic drowning. I was amazed, when doing my research, to find out what a tough life fishermen have, often weathering storms miles out to sea just to make a living. 

The Awesome Terrifying Sea

    There again I suppose we all weather storms as we move on through life. I guess surviving the storms help us to appreciate the beautiful, tranquil, glittering seas we all sail on at times. 

After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or so they say.



  1. I have little experience with seas, Eleanor, growing up in southern Ontario, Canada, but I vividly recall my first sight of an ocean when my family visited Maine, U.S.A., and how majestic yet scary, it was. Your new release sounds intriguing and I love the cover. Congratulations!

  2. I love the ocean. Not so much swimming in it, but hearing the waves and watching them roll in. Growing up my trips to the Oregon coast, which is most beautiful, were memories I hang onto. Love your books, and hope there are many more by the sea.

  3. My years living on the ocean are so special to me I can hardly put it into words. That's true for trips I manage to take to get back there. Not that the Great Lakes aren't wonderful--they are---but there's something special about the sea. Thanks for taking me back there today! And what an incredible title and cover!

  4. I love the ocean, too, which I find odd because I can't swim. But it is so...whatever you need it to be. Nice to see you here, Eleanor, and good luck with your release!

  5. I could feel the ocean when I read your book. It was clear the characters loved the sea, in spite of everything it had taken from them.

  6. Always dreamed of living right above the beach. That dream hasn't materialized, but I get there whenever possible.

  7. I grew up by the ocean. Great childhood. I'd love to move back one day. Or, summer there, anyway :)

  8. Lovely memories of the sea, Eleanor. I live in Arizona, and whenever I visit my son in California, he always asks what I want to do while I'm in San Diego. I inevitably answer, 'Go to the ocean.' He always obliges.


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