Reruns Return The Laughter by Cari Lynn Webb

We’re two months into the new year and recently I’ve been spending more time in the past – TV show past. The last few months life has been more chaotic and stressful than anticipated - there’s always a level of chaos expected with teenagers, but life ramped up beyond that recently. ER trips, multiple rounds of the flu and pet illnesses added a new spin to the term: winter blues.

But we found moments of laughter while waiting for test results, disinfecting the house (for what felt like the 100th time) and cuddling with the cats and dog. And I should confess lots of those lighter moments came after-hours thanks to late night TV and Netflix.

Fortunately, nightly reruns from two shows helped bring back the laughter.

Golden Girls. I forgot how terrific this cast was until we started watching the show again. The dialogue witty and fresh. The friendship and tight bond between the characters, who have very different personalities, ties the show together beautifully. Friendships are so important to me and something I love to weave into my Heartwarming books. Watching the Golden Girls again reminded me of the power of friendship at any age.

      Friends. I watched this TV show originally with my best friends back when I was single and living in San Francisco. Over the years I’ve caught reruns here and there. Then I watched the entire series again with my daughters. Still, I laughed at every episode, even though I knew the story line and the scenes. There’s something special about a TV show that can continue to make you laugh even as you quote your favorite lines from your favorite scenes. Maybe it’s about being relatable in the sense that this is a group of friends, looking to find love and a place to belong. And even though life can be hard, there’s hope in each episode. That’s something I want my characters and readers to feel inside my books: a sense of hope. Whatever it is that makes the show special, I’m still a Friends fan after all these years. So are my two daughters, who now often quote their favorite lines from their favorite episodes.

      Other shows we’ve watched more than once: The Office (it’s quirky, but pulls me in every time my daughter puts it on), Two and a Half Men (the dialogue is fast-paced and funny without being on the nose – that’s a brilliant skill of the writers and one I’d like to master) and Gilmore Girls (I admit, I missed this show when it originally came out. However my daughters started watching and the show drew me in. Now I wonder how I missed it the first time.)

It hasn’t been all reruns in our house. My husband and I tune in every week for The Curse of Oak Island on the History channel. The idea of discovering a centuries old treasure speaks to my love of history and keeps me returning. I’m also fascinated at the level of science the team has applied to this particular treasure hunt. My husband started out intrigued, but his interest has dimmed as the team hasn’t found anything substantial like a treasure chest with gold in it. The romantic in me still believes in a buried treasure – I just hope it won’t be another six seasons until they find it. But in the meantime, I’ll keep watching – because a buried treasure that could date back to the medieval era – well, that just might be worth waiting for.

This is My To Watch List, after I’ve met my deadline (and the life chaos slows to a simmer) and I can treat myself to a little binge TV watching.
  • Tidying Up  ~ I haven’t watched yet because I fear I won’t be able to stop. And there are a few areas in my house that need tidying up. I’m just not ready to tackle those places yet. I think this TV show might inspire me and once I start, I don’t want to stop (or perhaps I should say: once I start tidying up those rooms, my husband won’t want me to stop. 😊)
  • Bodyguard ~ Well, because it is Richard Madden and that is all there is to say. Richard Madden.
  • The Twilight Zone  ~ I loved this show growing up and can’t wait to watch the reboot.

Do you have any shows I should add to My Watch List? Any TV shows that inspired you or helped you through some of those harder times life likes to toss our way?

Happy Reading and TV Watching!
Cari Lynn Webb

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  1. Sounds like a rough few months, Cari. I'm glad you had good entertainment along the way. This fall and winter, I watched every season of Grey's Anatomy until I'm current and waiting for the next episode on Hulu. Just started "Killing Eve" a BBC program available on Hulu. I didn't know what to expect and gave it a try. I'm hooked! And I'm not big on murder and mayhem. I'm always open to recommendations. I may give Gilmore Girls a try one of these days. People say it's good.

    1. Virginia - I will have to try Killing Eve. I like Sandra Oh a lot. I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan - my girls have started watching that one now too. I've been watching the earlier seasons with my one daughter as she gets caught up.

  2. Oh wow!!! You've had a tough go!! I love old television shows. One of my favorites is How I Met Your Mother. And Friends, of course. My hubby and I have been on an old tv show kick lately. We just finished watching all of A Family Affair and we watch Rifleman and Gunsmoke faithfully. Thank goodness for our Roku!

    1. LeAnne - I feel like everyone uses alternative streaming services for TV now. So you're happy with Roku? We've been debating about going away from cable for our TV - we pay a lot and watch only a handful of stations. We already have Netflix and Amazon Prime so we're talking about what might be a better option for TV.

  3. Rewatching favorite old shows is a little like a visit with an old friend, isn't it? I hope your family is healthier and happier this spring. I enjoyed the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and still like the occasional Simpsons and Seinfeld episodes.

  4. We have a raft of DVDs like Leave it to Beaver, dick van dyke, I love Lucy.....they take you to such a happy less complicated place. We can all use a little break from complications. Hope your turmoil calms soon.

  5. You know me, I love my TV shows and Golden Girls is right there at the top for me whenever I need a lift. It's still so timely and well-written. My mom and I have been re-watching Babylon 5 (Cause we're geek girls ), and I'm always happy to find a rerun of Supernatural. And Stargate: Atlantis. Great list, Cari. Hope the winter blues to away soon!

  6. Okay, I'm going to swallow my pride and admit that while I've been sick, (almost 2 weeks flat out in bed) I have been watching reruns of Dawson's Creek! I don't know why, but it's oddly comforting!


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