Ignorance is Bliss

by Shirley Hailstock

I'm doing a simple job -- updating the bathroom from 1980's yellow to something more modern. I got the estimates, chose a contractor and they started work. From the day they came, my life has not been my own.

I realize some things would come up and that I needed to be ready for changes (translated that to more money).  But every day, there is a new crisis, a new concern and a new dollar amount.

Is this a novel or not? Am I putting my characters up a tree and throwing rocks at them to make the story more interesting?  That's all fine and well when it's fictions, but this is real life.

Day One - Think of this as the Opening, the Prologue or if you're into novel construction, the normal world. It was an easy day. They demo-ed the bathroom. No problems, other than dust. Even though they put up plastic sheets and taped them to the ceiling and floors, the dust still found its way in. I got a Roomba for Christmas. It doesn't really pick up fine dust. I had to do it manually.

Day Two - Translated as Act One or Chapters one through three. The bathtub I  bought has the drain at the wrong end. I bought it a year ago when I hired a contractor who was doing such a bad job that I fired him. The current contractors tore the box apart getting the tub out. High stress ensues. I called the store and they agreed to take it back and sell me a new one. I have no truck, but the contractor drove me to the store and we replaced it for almost the same amount -- almost, but not totally.

Day Three - Climbing the tree to get away from rocks. There's a leak in the roof because one of the exhaust pipes had come loose from the inside pipe. I needed a roofer to come and repair a seal around the pipe. It's 30 degrees and snowing. No one can work in that weather, but momentarily hiding from the stones, I found a roofer who would come the next day. The temperature was 40 when they got here and fixed it.

Day Four - Bathroom is making progress. The walls and floor tiles are in, the ceiling has been closed. The light over my shower in installed as is the exhaust fan. While the painting is going on, the roofers returned to do the full inspection and what do they find? I have a squirrel living in my soffit. They can't get it out, so I'm called every animal control business in the region to try and get someone to come. My normal pest company wants a huge amount of money to come and do the whole house. They won't come for one squirrel or one opening.

Day Five is tomorrow. What's in store for the climax of this saga.

Thanks for being my sounding board. Just think what I could have avoided if I was ignorant of all we would find over a small upgrade.

All the while this renovation is going on, I've been working on a Heartwarming novel.  It's due to my editor at the end of the month. So trees, rocks, roofs, leaks, and all, words need to be on the page.

See you soon. And keep reading.


  1. Every remodel in my entire life has gone this way! Good luck, Shirley!

  2. Wow, I hope you soon get your happily-ever-after with a shiny new bathroom and a squirrel-less soffit. We once repaired a broken vent cover only to discover we'd trapped a mama squrrel out and her babies in. It took some doing to reunited them outside the attic.

  3. Wow! When it rains, it pours! I hope you are rid of the squirrel and your bathroom is finished in record time. Good luck with your buck!

  4. I'm looking at my bathroom and thinking it might be okay as is. Maybe my whole house is just fine. Well, good luck getting words on the page!

  5. Oh my. I hope when this is all over you find yourself soaking in your brand new tub when you get a phone call with some really great news. You deserve a HEA with this bathroom project. Good luck finishing your book!

  6. Mercy, I feel your pain. Hope it ends up beautiful and exactly as you like.

  7. Oh my, I do hope that things start looking up for you

  8. Oh, Shirley, I remodeled my bathroom last year and it was quite a bit more than I expected! But I am so happy with the results...unfortunately, I spent my kids inheritance. :-)

  9. I've been lucky. I had work done on a house I was selling, but I'd already moved 2800 miles away and the realtor got to handle the headaches. On the other hand, I didn't get to enjoy all those upgrades, so maybe it balances out. As a kid, a major remodel was done on our house and was supposed to be done by the time we were back from vacation. It wasn't. Blessings on our church for letting us stay there for SIX WEEKS and hosting us around for showers. Frankly, it was an adventure for us kids, but my parents were much less thrilled with the process. Still, the house was gorgeous when it was done. New kitchen, two bathrooms instead of one, paint throughout, and central air and heat were added. I just wish we could have snuck the cats into our temporary digs. Good luck on getting everything sorted out!!!

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