Capturing the Moment by Callie Endicott

Harlequin Heartwarming, May 2019

Yesterday I woke up to read about the fire blazing at the Notre Dame Cathedral in France. My first thought was a prayer that no one has been or will get hurt as they battle the fire, my second thought was regret that this magnificent structure could be irreparably damaged. I visited Notre Dame years ago and it’s a breathtaking piece of art, faith, history and human achievement. Some of the history isn’t so pleasant and some people still see the great cathedrals as symbols of oppression. Nonetheless, it’s a stunning architectural and artistic triumph.

Not a photo of Notre Dame, but I've always felt
forests are nature's cathedral.

Naturally, I took pictures of Notre Dame during my visit to France. I would have pulled them out to post on the blog, but they’re in an out-of-town storage unit (oops, scanning them is something else I need to do).  Pictures are treasures. Much as I love the digital age, I miss the excitement of getting an envelope of photos back from being developed. I’m sure lots of people are looking at their pictures of Notre Dame today and reliving memories of their visit.

A saucy bird enjoying the sunshine.

My passion for photography started with my father, who was a talented amateur photographer. It was rare when Dad didn’t have two or three cameras hanging around his neck. After all, he HAD to have the color camera, the slide camera, and the one loaded with black and white film, which he developed himself. My mom’s face got tight whenever he perched us kids on a massive giant sequoia log (say, fourteen feet high?), or wanted a shot of us on the edge of an ocean bluff. “Just a little closer to the edge,” he’d call.  Or, "hold on while I switch cameras." I’m happy to say we all survived without injury.  We also have amazing picture memories of our childhood. Dad was a master at capturing just the right moment, but sometimes I wonder if he was also missing the moment. It's something I remind myself about--much as I love photography, I don't want to miss out on experiencing life. It's a theme that just might pop up in my May 2019 Heartwarming novel, FINALLY, A FAMILY.

Wisteria is so beautiful,
I just wish it lasted longer.

By the way…did you know that even some of the basic scanners can color-correct a Polaroid photo?  The family was given several by friends and Dad
I think the was taken in a dahlia
garden, which also boasts dozens
of other flowers.

faithfully included them in our family albums.
  When I scanned the albums, I found most of the Polaroid pictures had significantly degraded in quality.  Color-correction made them look fresh and new.  My father would love today’s world of computers and digital photography. 

When developing my Emerald City Stories series, I really wanted to make one of the characters a photographer. In FINALLY, A FAMILY, Logan Kensington hadn’t planned to become a fashion photographer, but to paraphrase, life is what happens when we’re planning
I could be wrong, but I think
 this "baby" is laughing at me.

something else.  Now that Logan is changing careers to become part-owner of a talent agency, he’s indulging his first love, nature photography.  

Logan has long since decided that love and marriage aren’t for him, believing he lacks the necessary qualities to become a good husband and father.  But then he meets a feisty single mom and her daughter who make him wonder about the possibilities.

See the bumblebee?
Jessica has just taken over her grandparents’ store, only to discover her landlords are hoping she’ll move to another location in their building. Jessica is worried. The Crystal Connection needs high visibility and the suggested location is terrible. Logan Kensington is the partner responsible for negotiating with her about a possible move and they clash immediately. But Logan makes an unexpected connection with Jessica’s daughter when Cyndi becomes fascinated with photography. 

Wild blackberry blossom.
It’s spring when Logan and Jessica meet, so I’ve shared some of my prior spring photos.  I was going to take new pictures this week, but while I was out experiencing life in my garden, I got a thorn deep in the knuckle on one of my forefingers--it's a little sore, red, get the picture.  I'm avoiding using that finger for typing, so I apologize for any typos and spacing issues.  And, to add insult to injury, my favorite digital camera appears to be a gonner.

Have a wonderful April!  Remember, April showers bring May flowers....


Publisher description of FINALLY, A FAMILY:

Setting his sights on a single mom!

Former fashion photographer Logan Kensington’s turning his lens on his new career as part owner of an expanding talent agency. First order of business: persuading Jessica Parrish to relocate her family-owned shop, a move she’s dead set against. But the spunky single mom’s making Logan view life differently, opening his eyes to a secret longing for a home and family…

Harlequin Heartwarming Emerald City Stories...


  1. Your photos look professional to me! Beautiful. I had a friend whose dad always posed the kids at the edge of something or on high branches. They laugh about it now, but not so much at the time. Thanks for mentioning Notre Dame. Whether you practice a religion or not, it's one of those places you never forget! Your story sounds terrific.

    1. You're right, Notre Dame is unforgettable, whether or not someone practices a religion. I suspect it may take at least a couple of decades for repairs, despite what French officials are hoping. Glad you like the photos. I feel close to my father when I'm out there getting them. Doing research right now on replacing my good camera. My others don't have high enough pixels for the best shots, they're really just for casual use, not the kind of photos I love taking.

  2. Yes, so many of my friends are posting their photographs of Notre Dame on Facebook today. I've never been to see it, but I still feel the loss. Your new book story sounds great. I look forward to reading it. (Love the cover!) And I just reminded my family this morning that April showers bring May flowers!

    1. Notre Dame is a cultural treasure for the world. We've lost so much through war, fire, and the ravages of time. I hadn't realized so much of the building was flammable. The good news is that they're determined to restore it. I had something else for the blog, but changed my mind when I learned about Notre Dame.

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    1. I often listen to audio books, especially when traveling. But I usually get them at the library or pick up used copies. They're also great when cleaning house. I'm a fan of several genres and also enjoy nonfiction, especially when it's a subject that relates to a current writing project!

  4. I can't wait to read the book. Photography was something I shared with my dad, too, and he taught me to develop and print black and white photos. There are boxes and boxes of slide carousels at my mother's house, mostly with the color fading away. Memories.

    1. Slide shows were a big thing for the family when I was a kid, but it's hard to even get a projector for them any longer. Luckily you can scan slides to preserve the images, they even have special equipment for it. That's what I did with (literally) thousands of slides my father took before dividing them up around the family. Of course, the technology improves all the time, so now I wish I had the slides back to work on again. I wanted to learn how to develop black and white photos, but I suspect my dad was worried about his little girl handling the chemicals.

  5. Beautiful pictures! We are all grieving over Notre Dame, but I'm so glad they were able to save so much and are determined to rebuild.

    1. It hurts to think about another architectural treasure being damaged. I know they did everything possible to save it, but those pictures of the fire were scary. It will take a while to even know HOW to go about rebuilding the place and making it safe. Glad you like the photos!


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