Sit Down Saturday: Her Unexpected Hero by Cheryl Harper

It's time for the last in my Otter Lake Ranger Station series. As much as I love these stories, I'm feeling nostalgic about saying goodbye to this series set in eastern Tennessee. Some places just stick with you, right? 

On my first trip through Tennessee, my parents and I took a road trip through Nashville, way back when Opryland had an amusement park, and made the climb up Clingman's Dome. My family didn't do much traveling like that, so it really sticks out in my mind. 

My second trip? Me and a friend with about $12 to spend for the whole trip. It was fun, even if our hotel choices were scary scary. They were "budget friendly." I've never been great at budget travel.

I've been thinking about my mother quite a bit lately. Except for one trip to San Antonio, my family spent every vacation an hour from home on a lake. One week every summer, my dad would fish. I would turn bright, ugly red in the sun by the pool, while my mother stuck to the shade. What we shared? Stacks and stacks of books. Romance, mystery, plunder from the used book store.

She would love this series. Home and family and the green old forest of the Great Smoky Mountains. I've loved it, too. 

Do certain places bring back those happy, sweet memories you want to hold forever?

If you haven't heard about Her Unexpected Hero, have a blurb. Tell me some of your favorite getaways! Tomorrow I'll post the song playlist for this series.

Her Unexpected Hero
Starting over…

with her ex-fiancĂ©’s brother?

Winter Kingfisher only wanted to protect the nature reserve in her hometown of Sweetwater, Tennessee. But after a political scandal lands her family on the front pages and costs Winter her PR job at the reserve, and her engagement, she needs to rebuild. Enter handsome Caleb Callaway, who’s arrived to oversee a construction project meant to make amends of his own. Caleb was already part of Winter’s past…can he also be her future?


  1. Ending a series must be like saying goodbye to an old friend and I can imagine your feelings of nostalgia, Cheryl. But “Her Unexpected Hero” sounds like a fitting end to the series....saving a nature reserve. Congrats on this release and all the best with a new series, I hope!

  2. I love your stories about family vacations and happy memories. Perfectly evokes the Heartwarming line of books!

  3. Thanks for reminding me of those mountains. Before I came to Wisconsin, I called Asheville, NC home. took the mountain highway over to the park often. So much to see in that incredible part of the country. Sounds like you love it and true, it's hard to say goodbye to our towns that are so real. All the best with your book. Sounds excellent!

  4. This has been a great series. I'm especially fond of the Kingfisher parents, well, all of the Kingfishers actually.

  5. Sounds like a great premise for a Heartwarming. I look forward to reading it!


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