Sit Down Saturday With Callie Endicott

Book Four of the Emerald City Stories (05/19)
Ah, the sunrises and sunsets of vacation
You  know how unexpected things happen and we're suddenly out of the boat and struggling to stay afloat?  That happened in a minor way around four this morning when I remembered this was my Sit Down Saturday,  I'm in vacation mode and since that includes plenty of writing, you'd think I would remember something this important, but my brain let me down this time. So I'm getting this out reeeeally fast.  My apologies.

Fighting to stay afloat is something that Jessica Parish, my heroine in Finally, A Family, experienced years earlier with a divorce and suddenly becoming a single mother.  Growing up with parents whose priority is making money, not family, she believes her marriage went down the tubes because she was too needy for love.  She takes responsibility for that and has tried hard to deal with her issues because she doesn't want to pass them on to her daughter.  Having just taken ownership of her grandparents' Crystal Connection, her plans don't include a relationship.  After all, she'd probably only mess that one up as well.

Though he's viewed life as if always through a camera lens, Logan Kensington also has a reputation for getting the best out of his models in the fashion industry.  But now he and his friends have purchased a talent agency, Moonlight Ventures.  The transition in careers fits their various needs and he's looking forward to spending more time on his original plan--nature photography.  Having fulfilled the last of his fashion contracts, Logan is now full-time at the agency and is bemused by the fact that his partners are in happy relationships, despite previous resistance to the idea.  It won't be him! He's happy the way he is and doesn't think he's capable of being the kind of husband a woman wants and needs.  So he's steering clear of that kind of entanglement.  

When two people don't want to be together long enough to fall in love, the challenge as a writer is to see how that can happen.  For Jessica and Logan, it's a variety of circumstances.  


      "Your talent seems wasted on a small shop like the Crystal Connection," Logan said without thinking.
     Her eyes turned stormy.  "You may have intended that as a compliment, but when will you figure out that I consider the store worthwhile?  Honestly, I think you'd be happiest if I just closed the shop and disappeared."
     Shocked, Logan stared at her.  As inconvenient as Jessica and her store might be, he'd hate it if she wasn't there.  It was a feeling he didn't want to examine too closely.
     "That isn't true," he said quietly.  "In fact, the store is why I wanted to talk.  I've told my friends about your idea and we're all interested in seeing if it's feasible.  But before a decision can be made, I have to do research on renovation costs."
      The glow from the lowering sun slanted across Jessica's face and turned her eyes an even more intense blue  She almost looked enchanted.  
      Would one kiss spoil everything?
     There was only one way to find out.  He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.
     Jessica's breathing stopped and she wondered if her heart had stopped along with it.
     She couldn't remember the last time a man had kissed her that way and she wanted the soft caress to go on forever.
     Distantly she heard an odd sound then realized it was Logan's stomach growling.
     Stepping backward, she managed to smile at him.  "Never mind kissing me, I think you'd better have dinner."

1st Book in Series
2nd Book in Series

I really enjoyed creating Logan and Jessica's stories and telling how their individual stories eventually joined. It's the fourth of the Emerald City Stories that began with Moonlight Over Seattle (SuperRomance), then continued with Heartwarming's A Father for the Twins and Family By Design.  The idea for the series began with Nicole, the sister referred to in At Wild Rose Cottage.  Nicole and her friends, Adam, Rachel, and Logan, are good at friendship, but not so good at romance.  But when the time is right, you never know what can happen.

3rd Book in
Emerald City Stories Series

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I've enjoyed this series. It's fun to see the group of friends forming a business together, and I especially liked the photography aspects of this one and how it bounded Logan and Jessica's daughter.

    1. Thanks! This one was particularly a labor of love because of the photography element.


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  2. I like all the connections in your series and all the different ways we form relationships and families. All the best with this--fabulous covers!

    1. I love the covers, too. Families come in many different forms and I enjoy showing that in my stories. I also enjoy showing how men and women can be friends, completely supportive, without romance necessarily coming into the relationship. Of course, it's fun showing how love unexpectedly comes into play between friends, but I didn't want that for this series.

  3. A great premise for a series, Callie, and I especially like the connection between Logan and Jessica...a real “crystal connection”! Wonderful covers. Congratulations and all the best with this new release!

    1. Thanks. I enjoyed spending time with Logan and his friends and seeing how changing your work might open the door to changing other things.

  4. Sounds like a really fun story, Callie! I like it when love finds characters who are trying to avoid it!

    1. I enjoyed writing about it. Logan's camera viewfinder is his shield against risk. I suspect we all have some sort of shield we try using at times.

  5. I really love the cover--such smiles! And I like that the hero isn't model perfect, either. That's appealing to me in a cover. But the story also sounds great. :)

    1. So glad you liked the cover. I agree that heroes don't have to be model-perfect as long as they have the right stuff in their hearts. Thanks for commenting.

  6. This series sounds great, and I loved the excerpt.
    I hope this comment will go through. I've tried commenting on the blog using my phone but haven't had success with the Blogger platform. If this works, I'll be using my laptop to comment going forward. Yay!! I've missed being here. ( :

    1. So glad you were able to figure it out. I love technology and hate it at the same time. Thanks for the comment.


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