Time to Recharge, by LeAnne Bristow

Today's post will be short and sweet. Partly because I've been knee deep in writing and tend to forget about everything that's going on around me. But the pop-up on my computer that reminded me that it was my turn to post today, combined with the anniversary of 9/11 yesterday, was really a reminder that I needed to get out of my office and see what was going on in the world.

My tagline is: Country roads. Small towns. Happily ever after. So this weekend, I'm going to drive down some country roads with my family and see where they take me. I'm going to cuddle my granddaughter and help her catch a lizard. I'm going to go fishing with my husband and actually have a conversation with him that doesn't involve figuring out a plot point. I'm going to enjoy  my happily ever after.

Sadly, I know not everyone can go bouncing around in an old pick-up truck on a dirt road. (Call me, I'll take you!) I encourage you to get out there and spend time with your loved ones this weekend.

How do you recharge? What does your family like to do? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Nice post. As it happens, This weekend I'm doing a 5K walk with some writer buddies to benefit an animal shelter here in town. We'll be on one of our many trails in the woods, but still within Green Bay. Have fun bouncing on your country roads. Sounds very appealing!

    1. That sounds like fun! One of my favorite ways to recharge is just hanging with friends and bonus points if they are writer friends because no one else quite understands the way my mind works. I bet the walk will be amazing!

  2. Great post, LeAnne. My husband and I love taking our kids for a long country drive to our favorite ice cream stand. We listen to classic rock or classic country, depending on our mood, hang our elbows out the window and anticipate a waffle cone with a scoop of cookies 'n cream. Hot summer evenings are always a win, but I also look forward to autumn afternoons when the leaves change and the corn fields are cut. There are so many simple pleasures in life, aren't there?

  3. A great post. I love country roads, too--I live on one! A drive sounds like a good thing.

  4. I love walking on the beach, but don't have one that re-charges me close-by. Any walk is good. Lately, I've mostly been on the hunt for a really good night's sleep. Between the heat, a lot going on at work, and the fact that my mind wants to work on stories and other stuff, I haven't been getting enough!

  5. Fun! Have a great time. We'll be home, picking tomatoes and watching the dog chase lizards.

  6. Your husband suffers along with the plot points, too? My poor husband knows that a long walk always means I don't have enough conflict in my story. Still, long walks are great for recharging, right? Especially in the fall. Enjoy!


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