Cool Breeze by Cheryl Harper

Finally, fall in Arkansas! Lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s mean fashion gets challenging. I saw someone walking across the parking lot to go to work last week with fuzzy boots and a sleeveless dress. I was wearing a sundress and espadrilles because it was also still literally summer on Thursday.

Maybe my clothes aren’t up to the change, but I am ready for it. That shot of cool that floats along in the mornings boosts my energy after the long, dull, drag of August and September heat. For weeks on end, highs threaten or cross 100, humidity is thick enough to wade through, and life is about moving only when necessary. That cool that makes it easy to breathe? I was desperate for it. (For all of you who are already in winter now...I got nothing. You deserve hot chocolate and warm cookies.).

I’ve been experiencing that lift in other ways, too.

This summer was a health marathon with me. So many doctor visits. After too much of the equivalent of August’s misery in medical form, now I’ve got the cool breeze of feeling better. Now and then. Not all the time, but there’s enough of that cool floating in the air that I have hope. I walked my dog again. We all know how much I love that dog. How could I not? He’s adorable. Is he a couch potato? Yes, he gets that from me, but we love walking in the park. That small thing was a big thing to me.

As far as writing goes, my “summer" has been uncertainty and a million other fears and doubts that multiply when I’m not looking. But then I got into a new story. The edits came back with plenty of positivity. And I got some advice that turned my head the right direction, facing forward with a real plan. Small puffs of crisp air that make it easier to breathe.

I hope that whatever your summer is, the thing that is weighing you down, hanging around entirely too long, that you are feeling those boosts of cool relief and renewed energy.


  1. I love the fall season, the colors, the feel of change in the air, and the cooling of temperature. I don't have to get up super early to walk, or hope it will be cool enough in the later evening. I regret knowing that the fruits & veggies grown locally will soon be gone (it's a short season in my area in the first place), but there's something splendid about autumn.

  2. Fall does feel like a breath of fresh air after the heat (and sweat!) of summer. Cheryl, your pup is a cutie!

  3. I agree Cheryl, that the change in season is invigorating. As nice as summer can be, I always feel more energetic in the fall when the temperatures drop and the colours are so wonderful. But I’m not a fan of winter (except for the occasional pretty snowy day) so will make the most of these days as you are. And I see a slightly mischievous eye in that dog!

  4. I think because fall is back to school time, this season always feels like a fresh start. Glad you're feeling better! Thanks for the post.

  5. Fall is my favorite! It's that breath of fresh air Elizabeth mentioned!

  6. Since the heat is not my friend, I’ve been looking forward to Fall since June. We are FINALLY seeing cooler days. It was still in the 90’s here a short couple of weeks ago; 80’s last week. But happily the nights are getting cooler and our days are opening with a chill in the air and temps are dropping to a more comfortable level. Fall is the perfect time for me to curl up with a good book with my cat by my feet. And I can finally sit and read in my car without burning up.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better. ( :


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