Sit Down Saturday: Patricia Johns

If you meet me in public, I will appear to having things together. I DO have things together when it comes to meeting deadlines, writing books, keeping my family organized... I am a competent adult.

But the other day, I went to my parents' place for dinner (mostly because I really didn't feel like cooking, so we asked my dad to cook for us instead.) I poured a glass of Sprite for myself, and while I was saying something, I brought the cup up to my mouth, but obviously couldn't sip because I was talking, so while I finished my sentence, I just dribbled Sprite into my lap.

That is what tired looks like! And luckily for all of you, it doesn't seem to affect my writing, just my motor skills. ;) It's also generally fixed by a weekend off.

So when I came across these gems online, it made me feel infinitely better that I'm not alone in these things!





LOL! And to everyone else who makes a fool of themselves when tired out, you have my sympathy. Here is to a well-timed REST! :)



Can a marriage of convenience…
…really last a lifetime?

Single mom Gabby Rogers needs help raising her newborn triplets, so when her best friend, Seth, proposes a marriage of convenience, she cautiously agrees—on the condition it doesn’t ruin their friendship. As far as the town of Eagle’s Rest knows, Gabby and Seth are the perfect couple, but the imaginary romance soon feels surprisingly real. With the triplets’ first Christmas drawing closer, will Gabby risk showing Seth how she truly feels?

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  1. So funny. When it comes to things like the clerk saying "Come again," and me answering "You, too," I'm a repeat offender. I've discovered when traveling that when I'm tired I just want to eat at the closest restaurant. When my husband is tired, he has a hard time making decisions, so he wants to wander all over the neighborhood checking out all the choices before committing to a restaurant. I haven't found a solution, other than sleep.

    1. LOL! I think I just spend a LOT of time alone, so when things come out of mouth, they can be a little awkward. :)

  2. Some of those really are funny. When I'm tired I end up leaving out the qualifiers in emails and such. I end up saying, things like, "I'm so sorry I can join you on the XXth." So, I insult the person as I attempt to graciously bow out of one event or another. Actually, this is happening more and more as the birthdays add up. I'm trying to remind myself to proofread...twice. Does anyone else have trouble not saying "excuse me" when you bump into an inanimate object, you know like a mannequin or a pillar?

    1. Oh, I apologize to inanimate things all the time! LOL!

  3. I was just talking to my husband about the consequences of doing important things when we’re overtired. I noticed that when I’m overtired I can be mean. It’s not intentional at all, but I guess I get irritable and so I can come across as mean. It’s strictly due to being too tired.
    Since I never want to be perceived as mean, I try not to do much talking when I’m too tired. ( :

    1. I get really short on patience when I'm tired, too. I think we're all nicer when rested!

  4. Yeah, the brain short-circuits and the oddest things come out or get done. Hopefully, people have a sense of humor and humility (after all, it happens to everyone).

  5. "Hold me for a second" is my favorite! I once went to return a pair of shoes. The gal behind the counter said she loved the style I was returning and was wearing the same shoes. I politely said, "Yeah, they're great" just as she asked, "Is there anything wrong with them?" and I didn't know how to respond (if they're great, why would I be returning them?). So I started to say, "No, I just don't..." and then I trailed off, not knowing how to say 'I decided they looked goofy on my feet' without offending her. I just stared awkwardly until she handed me my money and receipt. My husband witnessed the entire exchange and we laughed about it later but in the moment I was a deer staring at headlights!

  6. These were so funny, Patricia. Made my day. Congratulations on your new release, which looks wonderful and I look forward to the read.


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