What's New? by Cheryl Harper

Meeting a deadline means a short period of time where I do everything but write. Television, movies, books, all the things...and I just sent a book to my editor this weekend, so tell me what's good!!! Here's my list:

The last show I binged-the last season of Anne with an E on Netflix and it was heartbreaking and sweet and satisfying. If you, like me, fell in love with Gilbert Blythe at a formative age, you will enjoy this one, too.

What should I try next?

The last one I saw in the theater was Jumanji: the Next Level. I will always make it a priority to support my Hollywood boyfriend Dwayne. 

The one I'm looking forward to? The first movie that comes to mind is the Top Gun sequel. Tom Cruise is..well, you know, but Maverick? I'm in.

This is the list I need the most! Last book I finished and loved was The Art of Theft by Sherry Thomas. I've been on a mystery kick lately. This is a series that wraps up my love for historical romance, mystery, and Sherlock Holmes in all his forms.

The one I'm looking forward to is Jim Butcher's Peace Talks. The latest book in the Harry Dresden series has been a long time coming. On or about July 14, I will be out of communication for about five hours.

What's the best romance you've read lately? I need recommendations!


  1. I've been on a cozies kick and having fun with it. Congratulations on turning in your book!

  2. I came across a gem, The Girl He Used to Know, by Tracey Garvis-Graves. A very different kind of love story-romance. Congratulations on your finished book!

  3. I'm reading cozies and mystery-suspense with a twist of romance. lol. Congrats on finishing your book! It's a great feeling!!

  4. Congrats! Feels good, doesn't it? I've been wanting to start watching Anne. Maybe when I finish this book, lol. Have fun with your break!

  5. A different kind of love story is “An Ocean of Minutes” by Thea Lim. Think time travel and love that....well...I won’t spoil it for you but it’s not a typical HEA. Enjoy the respite between books!

  6. I'm glad to hear you like the Anne with an E series. I have been so hesitant to start it, because I loved every minute of the series with Megan Follows. But now I need to give it a try!


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