Drink Plenty of Water and Call me in the Morning

by Shirley Hailstock


I'm Dr. Lauren Peterson. Shirley Hailstock has graciously allowed me to usurp her blog entry this month so I can tell you about my story. I'm the heroine in her new book, Healing the Doctor's Heart.

Let's face it, it's been a while since Shirley had a new Heartwarming novel and I'm proud that out of all the characters vying for her attention, she chose me and my love interest, Dr. Jake Masters to tell our story.

Jake has a broken heart. An accident caused him to lose the use of his right arm. As a world-renowned surgeon, that was devastating. And that's where I come in. We met on the street in New York. Well, we actually went to the same college and graduated in the same year, but we didn't know each other. And the chance meeting on the street was a setup.

Caleb, Jake's brother, hires me as Jake's caretaker, incognito of course. And I take being in costume to new heights.

Here's a tidbit to get you interested in all the doctor's plans:

Fire Her, Jake thought. In his past life, he’d never put up with someone who talked so much, bullied him and delved into his personal life the way Lauren did. She was relentless. No area appeared to be off-limits to her. She observed everything. How could she know he never talked to any of his friends? She couldn’t be monitoring his phone. Jake was extremely tech savvy and he knew his phone was secure.

And the nanny outfit! What was that all about? He’d commented on her not needing to act like a babysitter and here she was in a long dress and boots, her hair done up in an old-fashioned knot.
Nothing about her face was old-fashioned thought. The smile was all Lauren's, lively, and never out of place. And all too often Jake found himself getting lost in those wide, expressive eyes of hers.

Now, come inside the book covers and visit with us as we navigate the heart in our search for healing and true love.

As always, keep reading...


  1. Loved that story. The costumes made me laugh, and the HEA made me smile.

  2. I can tell I'll like this story. Congratulations.

  3. Love the excerpt. This story sounds beautiful.

  4. You are the one of a few who could find good ways to end a paragraph and the story is memorable. It makes me to think about my life and present.

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