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I share this 4th-Friday-of-the-month spot with Claire McEwen, so you’d think that with two months to prepare, I could get my act together. This morning, I rolled out of bed with the sinking realization that I’d missed my deadline again.

I couldn’t even scramble out a quick one because after my computer crashed last week, my new one doesn’t have the latest settings for this blog. The blog administrator was amazingly helpful, so helpful that I no longer had an excuse not to do my job.

Which brings me to this very second, and an awful admission. I have nothing to say.
I could tell you about my upcoming Heartwarming story entitled All They Want for Christmas, set for release in September, 2020. I’m deep in the revision stage right now. It’s a reunion story set in the fictional town of Spirit Lake in Alberta, Canada. It features two sweet girls, almost as sweet at the heroine’s cinnamon buns.

But I can tell you all that in a later post, probably with a cover reveal, too.

Which probably accounts for why I stink at social media. Beyond my ethical reservations about Facebook, Twitter and even photo-snappy Instagram, I generally don’t care to talk to people I can’t see.

Instead, I pour myself into my fictional works. In them you’ll see how I talk, what I value, my humor, the type of people I hang with, and most importantly, the inner conundrums that bedevil me.

Conundrums like what is love? How much of love is simple duty? How do we overcome past hurts? Are there some betrayals beyond forgiveness? To what degree are we expected to sacrifice in the name of love? And why, oh why, can we never get love right?

These are universal questions I explored in my first three novels that made up The True North Hero trilogy (The Greene Family) and continue on into my present series (The Montgomery Sisters of Spirit Lake). No doubt, I’ll spend the rest of my writing career in one form or another exploring these questions.

As for me, come see me at a workshop or contact me through my website. I’m also okay with us meeting in the pages of my novels. And if you are so moved, you can let the world know about my books through a review. A good or a bad one. It doesn’t matter. I don’t matter. But a better book, a better world where love thrives…yeah, there’s lots to say about that.

You can find me on Facebook. Better yet, on my website where there are links to my Greene Family trilogy. (The third has been made into a movie!)

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  1. Yeah, I pour out a lot of stuff in my fiction as well. I actually love being able to explore alternative possibilities and responses. I really hear you on the social media stuff. I like it and hate it at the same time. Oh for the days when I imagined that writing was a pure creative exercise and other people did the stuff like marketing, name recognition, etc. Sigh. But that's the way it goes.

  2. I can totally relate to almost missing blog deadlines! When you’re working on other deadlines, they tend to creep and pounce, don’t they? I also love themes of love and betrayal, growing to accept and forgive. Your upcoming release sounds great and love that it’s set in Alberta!

  3. Those questions around love are significant and never fully answered, which is why we can keep exploring them in our work over a lifetime. It's like an immediate bond between all of us here and then with our Heartwarming readers. I enjoyed every word of your "nothing!"

  4. Pretty good post for being about nothing! Loved it!

  5. This is me every month when my day is a week away.

  6. Is the movie out yet? Can't wait to see the motorhome crash into the doughnut place.


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