Patricia Johns: A touch of maturity

Romance heroines tend to be on the younger side. I do understand that, because it's nice to look back on your youthful years, when everything was new and life was full of every possibility. I enjoy that, too! But after a while, I start to yearn for a heroine my age. Youth is wonderful, but so is maturity!

I know that a woman in her forties seems dismissible to a woman in her twenties, but those of us who are 40+ know better! I thought I'd list a few things a more mature heroine can bring to the table:

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1. Life experience! We've experienced a lot. We can spot a liar at ten paces because we've dealt with liars before. We can spot a good guy at ten paces, too, and we appreciate how rare they are.

2. Self-confidence. And it isn't based in physical perfection, either. The thing in, at 25, I thought I was fat. (You are welcome to roll your eyes at that!) I thought I needed to fix parts of myself. Now at 41, I know I'm a little bit fat, and I love it! I like my shape, and my rolls, and my softness. I've embraced it, and I feel more confident and sexy now than I ever did back then.

3. Character. We're more empathetic now. We judge a little less. We stop and think before we react, because we've learned the value of words. We're more loyal to our friends. We've figured out a few hills we're willing to die on, too. We have more people in our lives now--kids, cousins, family, friends, maybe even some step-kids, and all the blended beauty that comes with new phases of life. That grows you from the inside out.

4. We know what we want. I didn't know what I wanted when I was young. I was still exploring and figuring things out. Well, now I do know what I want, and there is power in that! We're harder to sweep off our feet, but that's only because we're harder to fool, too. It takes a real man to make our hearts go pitter patter now...

And that hero--the man who's more mature, too, and who can't take his eyes off our heroine?

He's worth it! And our heroine can match him, toe to toe.

My May Harlequin Heartwarming release has a forty-ish heroine with a step-daughter who is can pull at her heartstrings and drive her straight up the wall. This is the first book in my Second Chance Club miniseries featuring heroines in their forties, and the mature men that earn their hearts.

I hope you'll pick up a copy--maybe even pre-order one! :)

So what about you--what do you like about a more mature heroine in your romance stories? 


A new start…

With an old flame?

Fifteen years in an unhappy marriage showed Melanie Isaacs exactly what she didn’t want. Now she’s in Mountain Springs to figure out the rest of her life—even if it means facing her former sweetheart, Logan McTavish. The spark between Logan and Melanie is stronger than ever. But is it enough to heal two weary, damaged hearts…and show them the way to a new happiness?


  1. I agree with all of the above, Patricia and really like the line we’re harder to sweep off our feet cause we’re harder to fool! As a writer way beyond that 40+ category, I like to include secondary characters in their 60-70s as a counter balance to the younger hero and heroine (for some reason mine are all in their late 30s🤫) and also because I can relate more to those ‘wise’ seniors. Your May release sounds great and I look forward to the read.

  2. Love the post...and protagonists with some experience. I'm looking forward to the series.

  3. Ditto, Patricia. There are so many more things we bring to the table (logic vs passion when big decisions need to be made, foresight into the consequences of certain actions, happiness and love).

  4. Love your post--funny that a character in her 40s is considered older. My love story featuring people in their 50s (with very disapproving kids) was a light-side book, but a few younger readers told me they had a hard time relating to these people in their early 50s. Seems so odd to me. But 40? Hard to believe.

  5. What a great post. Love can happen at any age and I've seen love stories among senior citizens that rival any romance with younger ones. Still, I suppose the readers drive the market and they often seem to like the younger heroines. Hope yours goes well; it sounds like a great story. Romance doesn't have to be packaged in only way. In fact, that breeds unrealistic expectations, doesn't it?

  6. Can't wait to read it. I love a more mature heroine. What a great cover, too. Did you notice all the covers in the May releases were outdoor scenes?

  7. Sold! I agree with all of that and more about the wisdom and confidence we get with age. Like the song says, "I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger..." And what a fabulous cover. Congratulations on your new series! Can't wait to read.

  8. I like older heroines, too and look forward to reading Their Mountain Reunion! Preordered!!

  9. Love your post, Patricia. With each year that passes, I've better learned not to apologize for things that are not my fault (that's a hard one). Women are just starting to become their most interesting at 40 - I love mature heroines.

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