Heartfelt Thank You From Cari Lynn Webb

I'm currently under a tight deadline. That being said, there are many out there working tirelessly on the front lines. As I have family and friends who work in healthcare, I wanted to send out a thank you to all the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers taking care of our family and friends! We love and appreciate you all!

To everyone, I hope you are healthy, staying safe and finding new fun ways to connect with your loved ones.

In our house, my daughter and I have been on a baking spree - and unfortunately have only discovered one cookie that didn't make the cut. I'm also currently leading for the most wins on Uno Flip, however don't ask me about Five Crowns (I may just have the longest losing streak on that card game of all time. :)

Please stay safe! And if you've discovered great new books and new authors while sheltering in place, please let me know. After my deadline, I plan to have a bit of a reading binge! #hometogether

Happy Reading!

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  1. I echo your thanks. Stay safe, Cari.

  2. Make that deadline, girl! Go, go, go!!

  3. I'm on a tight deadline too. My meals still contain salads, so easy to prepare, just open the bag, pour on a little dressing and eat. I have baked bran muffins and lemon-coconut muffins. My daughter needs a roughage diet. I'm not bored and looking for things to do. I have too much to do to have time for boredom.

  4. Enjoy the baked goods, and best of luck with the writing.

  5. Ditto on your thank yous--we all understand deadlines. All the best with it!


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