Little Free Library by Amie Denman

One bright light in the current situation is that my husband is laid off from work. And he's a man who needs to be busy. And...I've always wanted a Little Free Library to put in front of my house! I told my husband I would either like him to fashion a bookmobile out of some vehicle he finds abandoned or build a Little Free Library. You can see where this wasn't a difficult choice, right?

We looked at ideas online--google it and you'll be inspired--and agreed on a two-story model that will have an "open book" on its roof. My husband is a machinist by trade, so when he makes something, he's particular about it. Everything he builds is lovely. I'm the painter in the family, so it's my job to bring my Little Free Library to life and make it inviting.

Here is a picture of the construction in progress:

My husband and my 20-year-old son made a little sidewalk and installed the post.

I'm trying to think of a creative way to include my favorite books as art features, and I think I have it. My street ends in a park where there is a lighthouse (I live on the Great Lakes), so I think I'll add a signpost arrow pointing to the park with the name of my favorite book. You guessed it, To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. I also love The Sun Also Rises, so I believe I'll add a directional marker for that one, too.

I hope to have pictures of the finished product next month for my May post on this blog, and I hope you'll come back to see my Little Free Library. I plan to register it officially with the Little Free Library site so it will be added to the map of these libraries all around the world.


  1. I love this! What a great way to spend some time.

  2. Ah lovely idea! We have a few of these in our neighborhood. A great project and looking forward to seeing it all installed. Who knew there was a Little Free Library website!!👏👏

  3. Such a great idea--I see quite a few around here. Speaking of "free libraries," I miss my public library so much!

  4. I'll be here to see it. And I wish I had someone more handy than me that I could give instructions and they would actually DO it.

  5. It's beautiful, even unfinished! I'm envious. I've wished for a Little Free Library for my yard for a long time. I'm considering going through my cookbooks today and setting the ones I don't use anymore outside for neighbors to take as they walk by. The signposts sound like wonderful ideas. I know you'll enjoy it!


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