Sit-down Saturday on Sunday because...Cheryl Harper

Time has really become unpredictable lately, you know?
Thursday: I need to write up my blog post for Saturday.
Friday: Oh, no, I've got to write up my blog post for tomorrow.
Sunday: Oh, no.

So, a late post better be a great post, amiright?

A Soldier Saved is the first in my new series set in Miami at a townhome complex built for veterans who are leaving military service. There will be 6 books. The first one is a wounded vet who is struggling with his new body and his new life and the creative writing teacher faced with the age-old problem: convincing the world you're completely content when your ex-husband seems to be moving on better than you are.

(I love this cover. It's beachy.)

For the first time, I actually took a research trip instead of relying on books and videos and hazy memories of that one time I visited Miami and took a boat tour of the gator's natural habitat. In the first book, you're going to see Little Havana (did I call it by the right name in the book? This is the stuff that will wake a writer up in the middle of the night, but only after the book is published, not before when she could actually fix it) and Domino Park. I took that boat tour of Millionaire Row and it's in the book. There are a few surprises that are figments of my imagination (can you guess?) and plenty more to come! Here are some actual, real live photos I took while burning and melting at the same time because I'm actually meant more for snowy cabins and fireplaces than beaches but I had such a good time.

I hope you'll pick up A Soldier Saved. This quick visit to Miami was my last, for-fun-and-adventure trip and right now, that's such a sweet memory.

Hemingway's Key West House. He shows up in this book. Did you know some English majors aren't Hemingway fans?

I'm on a boat. This is Miami's skyline.

Best Diet Coke of my whole trip was had right here. Rocking chair. Completely deserted. I missed the tour I wanted, but not a beautiful day. This shows up in the next book. :)

THE THINGS I DO FOR MY ART! I actually got even closer to the gators this time! AND I MADE YOU A GIF of the video I took while leaning over the edge of a wooden railing.

Poetry plays a big part in this book, so I made up lots of bad poems. Have one, as a little treat.

This one's only for the people who've actually already read it, as a little treat:


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a super research trip. I so enjoyed the story, and could completely relate to the temptation to drop the class rather than have his writing shared and discussed among the students.

  2. Love your humor here, Cheryl, as well as the pics. And that alligator....or crocodile? Never know the difference, but scary. Congratulations! This sounds like a unique new series and looking. Forward to the first one.

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