Hot cover and a cool update! by Amie Denman

First of all, I'm really delighted to show you the cover for my June release A Home for the Firefighter.

This is the third book in my Cape Pursuit Firefighters series. I love the hero, Brady Adams, a tough but sweet firefighter saving every penny to buy a home for himself and his brother's family. He's never had a real home as a result of a tough childhood, but he's committed to staying in one place: Cape Pursuit. When Kate Price sweeps back into the Virginia beach town for a summer job with no intentions of sticking around after August, she tugs at Brady's heart. However, there seems to be no way to have the home he's always dreamed of and the woman he can't resist.

I hope you'll love their sweet summer story available for preorder here.

And I promised an update on my Little Free Library. It's installed in front of my house and bringing me more joy than I ever imagined. The pandemic that has closed schools, bookstores, and libraries has also driven young and old to my Little Free Library for a book. One day, I saw a dad and his roughly 10-year-old son park on the street in front of my house and go straight to my library. The boy selected a book from the bottom shelf where I keep the kids' and young adult books. I could not stop smiling as I watched from behind a curtain! The boy got back in the car, clutching a book. I hope they come back for more! I've seen men, women, and people of all ages walking away with a book. What happiness! Here's a picture of my beautiful Little Free Library.


  1. Oh that cover, Amie...need I say more? :) And your Little Free Library is fabulous. What pleasure it must give you. There are a couple in my neighborhood and I plan to contribute to them. Congrats on your June release!

  2. Two wonderful positive things, the hunky fireman and the joy of sharing the portal to imagination for young and old. Congrats on both!

  3. Great cover and I love your Little Free Library! Who made it for you? I'd like to put one in my neighborhood!

    1. My husband designed and built it for me. The Little Free Library website has pre-made kits you can buy or pre-built libraries, too.

  4. Wonderful cover and nice update on your free library. Thanks--I bet that was fun to watch.

  5. Great cover! And what a wonderful story about the little library. Building readers, one book at a time.

  6. Your little library is charming. And the art department did such a good job on your cover!


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