National Eat What You Want Day by Cheryl Harper

Not gonna lie: I celebrate this holiday waaaaayyy more often than May 11 every year.
This year, it really speaks to me. With the social distancing, my world has gotten pretty small.
I work the day job from home.
I write from home.
I take Jack to the park around the corner for a walk when we have pretty weather and right now, we've had some seriously awesome weather.
I use the grocery store pickup.

This leaves me a lot of time to think about feeding myself. Unfortunately, the chef of this establishment (me) is mediocre at best and the menu reflects that.

But on National Eat What You Want Day... All that could change!
Yes, I needed a blog post that wasn't a list of my recent Netflix shows (all of them. I have seen all of them.)
But this is an actual day, listed on the internet and everything, so you *know* it's important. Here's a website for more information:

There you will find this statement:
Here’s Americas Top 5 [dishes]: French fries, hamburger, fried chicken, eggs, pizza

Do you agree? Burger and fries, maybe. Eggs? Eggs make it on the Top 5. I'm going to need the scientific data to back that up. What makes your list of things to eat when you can eat anything?

Right now, I'm thinking ice cream. That happens to me often.
(But only if it's my favorite Pralines and Cream...and if I can forget the ad copy that says "Put some South in your mouth" because I'm not sure how I feel about that...)


  1. I can (sadly) totally relate to this post, Cheryl. WorryIng whether my summer clothes will fit me this year (summer hasn’t reached us yet) wouldn’t be a ‘thing’ if I ate what I wanted ONLY on National Eat What You Want day. And my husband and I have just succumbed to our ice cream addiction. Why fight it? Thanks for the laugh on this rainy day here in TO.

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  2. I love all the things. My favorite summer meal is a really good cheeseburger with barbecue sauce and onion straws on top, french fries, a dill pickle and a fountain coca-cola. Salty, salty, salty, YUM!

  3. Right now I'm big into bacon. I've been making BLTs, and sometimes just bacon and butter sandwiches. SO GOOD! They're my comfort food. And they might eventually kill me. ;)

  4. Potato chips. Crunch and munch. Any flavor will do. Wad them in so tight, they fall from the sides of my mouth, collect on my shirt front. Impossible to eat just one.

  5. Yes, scrambled eggs with asparagus for dinner last night! I'm so glad you pointed out this day, because the Mediterranean restaurant we wanted to get food from for Mother's Day was closed and we decided to wait until today. Now I get to eat as much as I want. (That's the same thing, right?)

  6. I've been trying new recipes, not for sweets, and they are awesome. I made a cake that didn't taste very good to me. I used a Betty Crocker icing. And while Betty is my girl, it wasn't worth the calories. My daughter, who weighs a pound and a half soaking wet, ate it. Last piece went today.

  7. Yeah, ice cream... I had Tennessee Toffee the other night. Highly recommend.

  8. People keep sending me recipes they've found during this peculiar time and I keep thinking they sound good and add them to a growing pile of "try someday." But I ought to throw them away--I'm also a bit worried about getting into summer clothes, although I'm not sure where I'll be wearing them! Green Bay has two fashion seasons. Green Bay Packer T-shirts and when it gets cold, Green Bay Packer sweatshirts.

  9. I missed this day! It's now the 12th! I love ice cream. It's one of my favorite treats. Chocolate chip is my favorite. But I like the other foods on that list. I'm more selective now about french fries now that I'm a little older, but fortunately my favorite burger place makes great fries and it's so worth it. Thanks for the fun post!

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  11. I do believe in the pleasure factor, as the P.A. in my doctor's office talks about. But since I've avoided going to the store except once in the past 10 weeks, I'm not eating what I want as much as what I have.

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