Sit Down Saturday with Elizabeth Mowers

Happy Saturday! 

I thought I'd give you a little peek at WHERE THE HEART MAY LEAD, my new book that released this month. 

I loved imagining the little town of Roseley and all the fun activities that come with lake life. Some of my happiest childhood memories are from time spent on the water. But Roseley is more than just an idyllic lakeside town. As the book opens...

If heaven was a place paved with gold, then the morning sun cresting Little Lake Roseley made the quaint town snuggled beside it look like a place paved with hope. 

White wicker baskets of flowers hung on either side of street signs, bright banners advertised an upcoming water ski show, and there were more pedestrians and bicyclists occupying the roads than automobiles. It was just the hometown Paige might have imagined for Lucy when she’d placed the tiny newborn in Dr. Hathaway’s arms ten years ago. She had kissed a prayer to that baby soft cheek and sent along all the hope in her heart. She envisioned a new set of parents, loving folks who would provide a home not just of love but of safety.

In the years since, Paige has carefully guarded and isolated herself from others. She hasn't had so much as a friendship over the last ten years, because she hasn't given anyone enough of a chance to try. I thought about what kind of hero would be just the right person to get through to Paige and break through her defenses. Enter lovable and charming Charlie Stillwater...

She wasn’t surprised when the man pushed his sunglasses up on top of his head and offered a polite, noncommittal smile when she passed him. Once she caught a glance at his beautiful brown eyes, she managed a sincere smile of her own. 

“Nice bike,” he said, lowering his sandwich to his lap. Paige paused before pivoting to better see him. The light breeze had caught wisps of his moppy brown hair, lifting it off his ruggedly handsome face. He sported scruffy brown facial hair and an impressive tan. He was casually dressed in long khaki shorts and a black polo shirt with a Tour Guide logo over the breast pocket. 

“Thanks. It’s new.” 

“How does it ride?” 

“Decent enough. Do you ride?” 

He shrugged, taking another bite of sandwich. “Occasionally, when I find the time.” 

“Too bad. I always make the time.” 

His umber-brown eyes crinkled in an amused smile. “Is that so?” 

“I love it. If I don’t make the time, what’s the point?” 

“Of life?” 

Paige joined him in a chuckle. “Yes.” 

He stretched his long legs out in front of him and contemplated her answer for a moment. As he slowly nodded, his eyes falling over her face, Paige found herself admiring his strong, masculine features with each passing second. He looked athletic. Basketball? Soccer? His frame was tall and broad, the gifted genetics of an athlete. 

“Good for you,” he finally said. “I like you already.” 

“Excuse me?” Paige said, unable to suppress a smirk. 

“You heard me, Freckles.” He took another bite and looked off in the distance, scanning the shops on the other side of the road. Paige only had a few freckles highlighting the bridge of her nose and tops of her cheeks. It would take an observant eye to notice so quickly. When he stole a glance at her, no doubt to surmise how his comment had gone over, his face broke into a lopsided grin that made her tummy catapult into backflips.

Ah...who doesn't want a person to break down our defenses, meet us right where we are, and love us no matter what? 💖


Love wasn’t worth the risk
Until she met him
Paige Cartman’s quest to protect her family has brought her to the idyllic lakeside town of Roseley. Revealing her old life to anyone—especially to charismatic pilot Charlie Stillwater—could put others in jeopardy. Charlie is falling fast for warmhearted Paige, but her secrecy reminds him of another’s betrayal. Can Paige finally leave her shadowed past behind and trust that love has led her home?


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  1. A beautiful cover, Elizabeth and a great excerpt. I like Charlie already and I’m eager to read what happens next. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Janice. Yes, the art department always does a fabulous job.

  2. Love the excerpt! And I always like freckles. :-)

  3. It sounds like a wonderful town. I can't wait to visit and read about these two!

  4. Lovely scene, great title, beautiful cover--it has it all. Congratulations!

  5. Great first encounter! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing. I just finished your book, A Promise Remembered, and am looking forward to this one. Beautiful cover!


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