By Patricia Johns

As you probably know, I write for Heartwarming romance, and I love the stories that I craft for this Harlequin line!

But I also write Amish romance for Harlequin's Love Inspired line, and for Kensington Books. If you love my Heartwarming stories, you just might enjoy my other books as well.

On my Facebook page, I have regular giveaways pairing my books with books by other sweet romance authors, and we have a lot of fun over there! So if you'd like to keep up with me and maybe even win some signed books, my Facebook page is the place to be! Here's the link:

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By Patricia Bradley

Today I'm here as a reader of Heartwarming books, and also as a Heartwarming author even though it's been a while since I've written for the line. I've been tied up with deadlines for my romantic suspense books, but I miss writing the sweet Heartwarming stories!

To make up for it, I read the books released each month, even though they make my fingers itch to write another sweet romance. *Sigh* If I only had the time.  

But right now I will have to be satisfied with reading these awesome books! They satisfy my need for inspiring romances and good clean writing. I mean, let's face it, Love makes the world go around, and some of the best stories are right here at Heartwarming. In fact, I've reviewed a few on my Friday blog! It's about time I reviewed another one! You can connect with me there:

I've told you why I love Heartwarming. How about you? Why do you read Heartwarming stories? 

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  1. I love that they're a little longer, and so there's room for interesting characters and plot twists. And that they're always sweet with a satisfying ending.

  2. I like the longer books, too, and the very real problems the characters confront. The settings are always an important part of the story, and I like that feature, too. Thanks for the posts!

  3. I agree all around. I love the longer stories so that we can dig deeper into psyches. The settings are crucial to the atmosphere and to our character's development. (VERY Jack London-ish there as he was the iconic originator of the idea that geography, environment and even weather created character response and growth.) I, for one, take a great deal of what's happening in my life and the lives of my co-workers, young family members and friends as inspiration for my stories. Long Live Heartwarming!

  4. I'm drawn to the Heartwarming line because I like to read about family situations as well as wrote about them. I'm very much into,exploring what makes people do the things they do...the quirks and foibles. But for escape these days, I also like to delve into a thriller or mystery. Lots of great reading ahead I see, from your posts today!

    1. Janice, I think Heartwarming are some of the best written romances out there!

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  6. I like Heartwarming because of the depth they offer the reader.

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