Learning lots?

Learning lots? I texted my daughter attending university. She embarked on an explanation of standard deviation that left me proud and befuddled. 'She's so smart she's unintelligible.' One of my university professors explained his entire job was to teach his students how to read a book. Whoa. That was an expensive four-year lesson. I learned so much more about books and definitely all I know about writing out here in the wide, wacky world. Yep, good ol' life experience. And I guess now that I'm middle-aged, the flow of knowledge should be slowing to a trickle. But no. Discoveries abound. Here are a dozen I've picked up so far this year.

1. I have way more support for my dreams than I imagined. Unable to meet in person this year, I hosted my annual writing retreat online this year. I got incredibly valuable feedback on my project from fellow writers who really want my success.

2. I can mount brackets for curtain rods without turning the wall into the scene of a shootout.

3. The keto lifestyle allowed me to lose weight while eating chocolate and bacon.

4. The seven-minute workout need not be a near-death experience. 

5. I probably shouldn't go pro with painting countertops yet.

6. To go into a bookstore to only buy one book is still cruel.

7. I can camp with the kids, and we can return with mostly good memories.

8. My daughter and I have divergent views on how to make a perfect campfire. My son just wants something that'll toast his giant marshmallow.

9. My life plan is good. I just need to work it every day of my life.

10. I'm not as young as I used to be. Eyesight's weakening, metabolism's slowing, muscle strength harder to maintain.

11. I'm not as stupid as I used to be. Confidence is stronger, goals expanding, motivation easier to maintain.

12. I won't get what I don't ask for. Sometimes you have to ask it of yourself, which is a real pain. Sometimes if you don't get it, you have ask somebody else. But the important part is to ask, and then be patient.

What lessons have you learned so far this year? Big or small.

I also learned that lots of people LOVE Christmas all year long. The cover here links to my website where I have 3 good-sized excerpts from ALL THEY WANT FOR CHRISTMAS. 

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  1. Oh, I love this! I have learned that my office separate from my house is even more of a blessing than I knew before. That concentrating on losing weight helps to get through the day--so does walking. That I wouldn't want to be young again. That I'm angry for what kids are missing. That I'm way more political than I ever wanted to be. That I miss human touch and am even more grateful for my husband than I was before. And a lot more, but I've also learned that shutting up is sometimes a good thought. Thanks for the fun post, Moira!

    1. During election year, it's hard not to be political...and I'm from Canada! A great list, Liz! I miss human touch, too. The cats get a ridiculous amount of petting.

  2. Loved this post Moira! I too have learned that I'm way more comfortable with my 'senior' self than my much younger one. More confident, patient and tolerant of other people's shortcomings. Less judgmental, which is a good thing. I enjoy the simple things in life way more...a walk in the country,reading mid-day, cooking for my kids. The biggest lesson I've learned this Covid year is not to stress the small stuff and focus on being back with family, close enough for hugging and kissing whenever that happens. I've heard of Christmas in July...so why not September??

    1. Reading mid-day...how deliciously decadent! Yes, I tend to stress the small stuff, though I'm getting better at recognizing when I'm in the grips of 'tiny terrors'. Thanks for stopping by, Janice.

  3. I learned there is such a thing as red okra and that it tastes exactly like green okra when fried with cornmeal. I learned that I can roll and set my 94-year-old mother's hair to her satisfaction, and how to clean a hearing aid. And I learned that if my cell phone refuses to make an outgoing call, a hard restart can fix the problem. And that was just yesterday.

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