Making a List...

Elizabeth Mowers

(Not a picture of my backyard, but it sure is beautiful!)

It snowed last night in NE Ohio!

I discovered it this morning at 4:00am when I took my puppy, Charlie, out for a bathroom break. 

My first thought was that I need to dig out my boots. My second thought was for Charlie. It was his first snowfall!

He was delighted! He leapt and skittered around in the snow for several seconds. 

My children were also happy when they rose this morning. They suited up at 7:00am (thanks, Daylight Savings!) and ran out to play. 

I don't yet have a picture of Charlie in the snow but here he is in his Halloween costume last week. Isn't he the cutest jack-o-lantern?

Last week, in an attempt to mentally prepare myself for winter (I'm not a fan of Ohio winters), my children and I made a list of what we're looking forward to. Watching Charlie as he experienced his first snowfall topped our list. We're also excited for Christmas decorating, throwing a few logs in our fireplace and drinking our weight in hot chocolate (marshmallows, whip cream and sprinkles included).

 What are you most looking forward to this winter?

Speaking of things to look forward to, I'm excited for my January release of HER HOMETOWN DETECTIVE!

Can he trust her...

With his heart?

Detective John McTully is drawn to edgy newcomer Faith Fitzpatrick. So when the business owner is accused of a recent vandalism spree, he keeps an open mind. Tully knows he shouldn’t get involved with his prime suspect, but a Fourth of July stakeout leads to romantic fireworks. With the townsfolk stoking his suspicions, can he believe in Faith’s innocence…and trust his own heart?


  1. Every time I see a picture of a fireplace, I wish I had one, but then I remember how much I hate cleaning... Looking forward to Christmas decorations, though. I love them a lot.

  2. Charlie is adorable! Sounds like your winter will be filled with frolicking and excitement. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving with my daughter and then home to Alaska for Christmas with my son. Enjoy the holidays!

  3. How did winter get here so fast? I like Thanksgiving and solstice--with the emphasis on the light. What with everything going on, plans seem to be on permanent hold! Have to wait and see this year. Thanks for the great photographs.

  4. I love Charlie! I was just debating whether I was going to put up my glass tree forest. You may have tipped me over to doing it!


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